Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer)

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All vacancies throughout the Helmholtz Association for scientists and science managers.

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Helmholtz Careers. Videos of all talkes are available now.


Supernovae Stardust in the Antarctic The rare isotope iron is produced by huge star explosions. Earth and Environment.

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Interview Six questions with Daniela Jacob Why did you become a scientist? Science and society. Helmholtz Blogs. Winter is Coming: How do we Prepare?

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How to Plan a Cruise — Searching for the Methane Signal in the German Bight Tanja Brandt - June 29, For our June cruise we were planning to locate a methane or chlorophyll anomaly in the German Bight and measure its extension, shape and possibly development Helmholtz Centres. They aim to unravel the changes taking place in the global environment and System Earth which are partly natural and partly caused by human action.

Antarctica Expedition Cruise Antarctic Peninsula

DESY develops, builds and operates large accelerator facilities, which are used to investigate the structure of matter. The German Aerospace Center DLR headquartered in Cologne is Germany's national centre for research and technology development in aeronautics and aerospace. In addition DLR holds a leading position in the selected research fields of energy and transportation.

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  • Karl T. Pfeiffer | Department of Sociology | University of Alaska Anchorage.
  • Multiprocessing in Meteorological Models.

The German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases DZNE examines the causes of diseases of the nervous system and develops respective measures for prevention, therapy and care. The GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt uses a modern accelerator facility to do basic research in physics and also carries out biophysical and radiation medicine research.

How does matter behave in strong fields and at small-scale dimensions? How can malignant tumours be identified at an early stage and treated effectively? How can resources and energy be utilised in an efficient and safe manner? The researchers at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf are seeking to answer these questions.

Pod life: Dan Pfeiffer on his upcoming book

The UFZ aims to research the interactions between humans and environment in impacted and damaged landscapes. Concepts and processes developed by the UFZ aim to help secure the natural foundations of life for following generations. Ernesto Barria was born in Santiago, Chile, into a family with strong bonds to the sea: His father, grandfather, and several uncles all share a love of the ocean.

When he finished high school, he moved to Puerto Montt, one of the most important ports in Chile. There he started his studies to become a merchant marine officer. In he obtained the rank of captain, and in he was chosen as the best officer of the Chilean merchant navy. He enjoys scuba diving, swimming, cycling, and photography, which has become his favorite hobby. Arthur Yakovlev was born in Petrozavodsk, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Karelia, in northwestern Russia.

Ali was born in Germany, where he studied geography but eventually decided to turn his passion for sailing into a profession.

PDF Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer)

He pursued nautical studies in the Netherlands, specializing in traditional sailing ships as well as tall ships. Partners login My profile Sign in Register. English German Dutch Spanish. Visit Antarctica hub. Visit Arctic hub. All highlights. Where are the ships? Home About Our staff.

Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer) Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer)
Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer) Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer)
Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer) Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer)
Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer) Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer)
Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer) Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer)
Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer) Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer)
Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer) Arctic Expedition, Leaders Guide (Pfeiffer)

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