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Tree-like abilities system for Rolemaster. Rob Can the Rolemaster 'Lofty Bridge' list spells be cast on unwilling targets?

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Short answer, yes Lofty Bridge spells can be cast on willing and unwilling targets, like other spells with a range other than self. Standard Resistance Rolls apply.

Tim Grant Equation to generate Rolemaster combat tables results. Rolemaster was first published in For all you millennials out there, was near the end of the "dark ages" when computers were the size of cars and kept in specially air conditioned rooms and attended by a strange priesthood of computer scientists who performed elaborate rituals to keep them operating.

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There were desktop computers but these were Dale M k 26 26 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. I've never seen any official statistics or formulas for the Rolemaster combat tables, if they did exist I'd be amazed if they gave them out as it would negate the need for Arms law.

However the newer versions of Arms Law do streamline the process a little by grouping blocks of numbers. In the classic Rolemaster Companion's there were several attempts to Looking for an xls version of the combat tables I found a revised version from The Guild Companion's issue of May The goal was to find a solution for two well-known "armour anomalies", the relative ineffectiveness of lighter armour types and the "double penalty" early concussion damage plus Quickness penalties associated with heavier armour JoePerkins 8 8 bronze badges.

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Buy it now. Classified Ads. Item location see all. UK Only. European Union. Northwestern Middle-earth Map Set One of the best ideas - but also one of the worst productions. All formerly published maps in one book with all the missing parts seperate. It could have been a set of matching maps covering the whole northwest of Middle-earth - but it is just crap. Only buy it if you need the maps and can not get the old modules inculing them. Northwestern Middle-earth Gazetter Lords of Middle-earth I: the Immortals Lords of Middle-earth II: the mannish races Lords of Middle-earth III Angus McBrides Characters of Middle-earth Campaign: Palantir Quest Fouth Age: a quest for the two Palantiri lost in Forochel after the death of the last king of Arthedain.

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Campaign: The Kin Strife ME Realm: The Shire ME Realm: Angmar ME Realm: Mirkwood Citadell of ME: Minas Tirith The capital of Gondor - npcs, trade, city life and a city description. Very few changes to the first edition Citadell of ME: Moria Citadell of ME: Dol Guldur Citadell of ME: Lake Town Southern Gondor: The People Southern Gondor: The Land Arnor Arnor: The People Arnor: The Land The Northern Waste The icy winds of Forochel, adventures in the far north.

A look at the life of the Lossoth, the remains of Illuin and powerful people form a dangerous place for adventures. Hands of the Healer Descriptions for the healing professions from all over Middle-earth. You get a view on healing from the point of view of several cultures as well as herbs, professions and spells. Angmar Umbar The home of the Corsairs and black Numenorians, the city map gives a closer look to Vinyamar and the old port as in the Umbar-map in 2nd Edition Southern Gondor: the Land.

Rolemaster Unified Character Law

The Court of Ardor Northern Mirkwood Southern Mirkwood Isengard and Northern Gondor Moria, the dwarfen City Rangers of the North Riders of Rohan Ride with the Rohirrim as they struggle against the hordes of Easterlings and the Orcs of the White Hand. This package covers three separate periods: their existence on the Rhovanion plain before the war with the wainriders, their life in the vales of the Anduin and the war against Scatha the Drake and their settlement in Rohan.

Mount Gundabad Greater Harad The city of Tul Harar - home of men and elves - is the last free city of the seven cities of Sirnay. Still the clan Masra is searching the legendary weapons of Obed - hoping to overthrow the searvants of darkness ruling in Tul Isra.

Lots of info for a campain in this merchant-dominated region - and Tul Harar certainly has a flair of its own Gorgoroth Everthing on orcs you can imagine, the Nazgul and major places of interest: Mount Doom, Carach Angren, Barad-wath and Ostigurth - city of death. Not recommened for holidays Grey Mountains Lorien Heavens of Gondor Sea Lords of Gondor Featuring the port of Pelargir and all minor ports in Lebennin. You also get info on culture, polictis, economy, fauna and flora of this region. Special: ships from Gondor, Umbar and the Haradim and military statistics of Gondor.

Also a couple of adventure suggestions. Ents of Fangorn Dunland and the Southern Misty Mountains Lost realm of Cardolan Far Harad, the scorched land Lots of background stuff for adventuring Far Harad. Of cause the servants of darkness are at work in the Raj - you will see Mirkwood Empire of the Witch King Fortress of ME: Teeth of Mordor Fortress of ME: Calendhad Fortress of ME: Halls of the elven King Minas Tirith Minas Ithil Bree and the Barrow Downs Mouth of the Entwash Warlords of the Desert Dark Mage of Rhudaur Rogues of the Borderlands Forest of Tears In Suza Sumar live small people called Honnin.

They form a symbiotic life with Taveri living as their local gods, but the servants of darkness are on their way again. Silly Adventures :. Ghost Warriors Dagorlad and the dead marches Miruimor - one of Saurons spies - has a outpost on the Dagorlad.

The site is being phased out.

Really interesting adentures, and a wicked beauty The tower of Cirith Ungol Hillmen of the Trollshawns Cameth Brin - stronghold of the Witch Kings men in Rhudaur. The Hillmen are hostile to strangers - even if they come the the power of Angmar. One of the best of the early ones :. Thieves of Tharbad Erech and the Path of the death Rivendell, Elronds House Brigands of Mirkwood

Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Character Law Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Character Law
Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Character Law Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Character Law
Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Character Law Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Character Law
Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Character Law Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Character Law
Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Character Law Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Character Law

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