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The creatures this time around show a lot of invention, particularly the hideous Coldclaw, the manic Bone Demon, the very sinister and challenging Liche Queen, and the mysterious Xoroa. Add to these a few non-combat creatures to deal with such as a Siren, and you have a really wide variety of challenges on show.

In a really neat trick, however, there comes a key moment late on where you in fact must teleport yourself otherwise you are trapped for good. This is a really good twist and is a nice change to the usual situation of just wandering around in search of the true path. Plus the map is totally different too. As with the first book, you need to run into your co-contestants, but the roles they play are rather more limited and this aspect is a let-down compared to the first book.

Two of the other four are met in straightforward combat situations which is hardly imaginative , the Elf is found in the grips of death and helps you out as before , but the Dwarf is very unusually and much more effectively incorporated in that he is trapped in a trick box that you can fall foul of and consequently free him by accident. Although the book states that you enter second of the five, unlike the first book there is little real evidence of the other four having passed by anywhere, instead they just seem to sort of materialise, which is a shame.

Equally and unusually for a IL FF , there is no requirement to take a travelling companion which removes the heart-rending ethical moment where you need to kill a friend as there can only be one winner. I guess it would have seemed a bit too obvious to include this again, but the overall deployment of the other contestants is weak in this second book.

By contrast, this time around I found the pivotal Trialmaster moments to be much more interesting bar the lack of ethical dilemma caused in the first book. The first is not overly difficult a tug-of-war Skill test, followed by an easy maths challenge, then a strategic exercise , but the second is hugely demanding and incorporates combat prowess with item checking, cheat-proofing, and pure random decision-making as you have to prove that you have found EVERY gold ring from within the dungeon and there a nine of them which is a lot by any true path standard , then find three secret sections based on info, followed by a Fire Imp combat that then evolves into a somewhat tougher Fire Demon fight, and finally a lever-pulling choice from four options to avoid being crushed to death.

To call this a relentless catalogue of potential fail points is an under-statement and this episode alone is enough to say that this book is way tougher than the first. Sukumvit was not kidding when he claimed that his new Trial was much more lethal than his first! There is something far less dangerous about the art in ToC and you do not get the same feeling of horror or awe.

There is an effective sun-drenched quality to the very bold yellows and reds of the cover and, although very different in both effect and plot exposition than the Wizard cover, I think it works well.

Crusaders' Coliseum

In fact, both covers work well, but in different ways, and it is rare that a Wizard cover has any merit at all, let alone the considerable impact of this effort! This book is a worthy successor to the first, but it was never going to be quite as good simply due to it being a repeat of the same basic formula from the seminal first book and comparisons were always going to be made. But, if you play this for itself, or with no prior knowledge of DD and none is really necessary , this will seem brilliant, and it is certainly still very good in its own right.

Jon 10 June at Newer Post Older Post Home. Eventually the shadowbolts, which are instant cast and come quickly, will one shot the party. Comment by catspats31 According to Ancilorn , the difficulty level for the two respective 5-player difficulty settings in this instance should be the same as the other four level 80 5-player instances. However, the difficulty level for this instance is dependent on the gear that players are wearing at that point. There no daily dungeon quest associated with it on normal, while the heroic mode will be included in the daily heroic dungeon quest rotation.

Comment by Azuron I've been reading ur posts and i had laugh. Barely Naxx 10? You have bested me. May I run away now? Comment by HunterKingxxl This is designed for the non raiding players it seems. It is so easy it's almost not even fun. He is also easy with a good tank and a half decent healer. The healer can die half way through phase 3 if you got a at least naxx 25 geared tank with you. As a pally Ulduar tank I had no trouble beating him down. Neither should the other 2 phases be a problem Just stand and tank the weirdo, don't even bother with the corpse explosions or whatever.

The most anoying thing is the introductions and the time it consumes, other than that you should be able to clear this in 15 mins fighting time or so. Some nice very easy drops for peeps who are in blues or even greens to gear up. This is quite an insult for the players who have been doing Naxx 10 and 25 for their gear just so they could get ready for Ulduar. Now every fresh 80 can join a pug, go in and come out almost Ulduar ready I find it a bit grrrrrr worthy. Still we Naxx to Ulduar geared players should get an achiev for being patient Comment by vertibirdo We have also noticed, that Black Knight in the 3rd phase cannot damage the whole party while moving.

Not sure, whether it's bug though. This instance is faceroll. The drops are perfectly itemised lvl and hence far better than most Naxx 25 and Ulduar 10 loot - some of it is comparable with Ulduar 25 gear from the later bosses. I don't really know how this will affect the balance of the game overall - there's certainly no reason to go to Naxx or OS at all any more, and Ulduar 10 is questionable.

I'm slightly peeved that you can now get gear from a five-man doable by pugs in quest blues that is virtually as good as stuff that drops from from Vezax and Yogg in U25 but hey ho, qq and all that. It doesn't really make me feel better that the new 25 man raid is also a joke. We cleared the monster "bosses" in about 40 minutes having spent no time on the PTR and only watching one video. Comment by eikyu The ilevel is correct, Blizzard stated that they will or already have even if not stated in the tooltips yet fix the damage and armor and it seems the stats, too, though they only stated damage and armor.

Comment by uncaringbear "This is designed for the non raiding players it seems. Comment by Thrakin The point of this instance isn't to replace ulduar or naxx25, it's to supplement em. MgT Heroic was dropping kara-level epics. Did that stop you from doing kara? You can't get a full iLevel set of gear from just ToCh heroic - There're not enough drops.

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Ulduar 10 fair enough, I guess with the easily available gear that's now puggable by most people so that's your new Naxx Most of all I think this expansion is lazy. Tiny instance, tiny raid, new drops with the same old models, new bosses with the same old models and mechanics - compared to 3.

But enough qq, it always gets downrated on wowhead :. Comment by adamsblueguitar A few tips: Make sure everyone has 3 shields up before you start the fight. During phase 1, have someone marking with skulls so everyone can focus fire. If your group spreads out the damage and shield breaking, it's going to be much harder. Charging does lots of damage. When you defeat the mounted opponents, and everyone dismounts, you're probably going to wipe.

I would imagine pugs will get better at this as time goes on, but for now expect a wipe. The good news is, when you re-enter the instance, you don't have to do the mounted combat over again. You can start off with the on-foot battles. During the second half of phase one on-foot combat , I find it helpful to kill the rogue first Dwarf if you're horde.

Make sure your tank knows to pull the mobs out of the green ooze on the ground, as not to kill all the melee in your party. For the final boss of Phase 2, he does some kind of "Blinding Light" ability and it will tell you to shield your eyes. I could be wrong, but it seemed to work for me. For the Black Knight, I've read about kiting him around to avoid exploding mobs and whatnot, but the times I've done it I've just tank and spanked him. I think if you have a decently geared and competent group, you won't have a problem simply tanking and spanking. All items seem to disenchant into Abyss Crystals just fine, so farming the normal mode instance should prove an easy source of these.

If you still have any Abyss Crystals in the bank, yesterday might be a good time to sell them :. Comment by Dornelond Ulduar geared and wiped? Ebay ftw? Comment by smbender For Horde, if you get Lana Stouthammer the Dwarf rogue and Colosos the Draenei shaman in the same fight, focus dps on Lana and interrupt the heals being cast by Colosos.

If you cannot consistently interrupt, assign one dps to Colosos. This will force him to choose between healing himself or Lana, and will probably give your group a chance to down Lana. We had our mage on Colosos, both for dps and interrupts. He still healed Lana a couple of times, but by the time she was defeated, he only had 20k left and dropped shortly after. Kill the chick first if she's there 3- Let the tank get aggro when you are forced to dismount B: 1- Kill the groups intelligently, like any other groups in any encounter Healers can largely heal the fight with their back to him 3- Healer Land a big heal right after he tosses his hammer at someone.

C: 1- Stay out of anything 'on the ground'. They will explode 3- Burn the boss. Very very easy dungeon with great entry level loot. Comment by Lynkx..

Trial of the Champion

Major AOE? He drops like a bad habit. Comment by celio22 Not a hard instance when you do it after a while. While you can definatly will enjoy the gear from the Heroic. My tank was 10 man Ulduar geared and ended up with 3 almost upgrades and in 2 runs I have received 3 upgrades. They finaly did something right Comment by H4g3N Totally wrong. If you're looking for the easiest way to kill him, that is!

When he "dies", just run away from the ghouls and you get no AOE dmg on the party. Comment by Manic77 Can the instance be reset on normal mode? In other words, can you keep running it all day long for lots of low level epics? Comment by Rappa Is there a loot table available yet? Comment by notorious98 My group encountered a different glitch. We had taken all of the riders down, but the Tauren still had all of his shields active, wasn't on a mount, and couldn't be attacked. Also, jousting sucks. Comment by TweetyGirl Yes, it you can be reset. If you can get a good group, or your guild bank is running low on abyss crystals, you can chain run this place on normal and get a decent amount of crystals.

Comment by Bizkitz I wrote a guide for this instance here. Comment by Helkyte As there's no wowhead loot table yet Here's a loot table for both normal and heroic versions from mmo-champion. Comment by Agalloch At the moment you probably will wipe after dismount, that's ok. If you get confessor as second boss, use a lot of hots as the dreams keeps fearing your group.

DPS should try and self heal as much as possible. Edit: The loot looked to me on heroic. Comment by Zellykins If you're running this instance over and over the RP opening can get kind of boring. So, have only one person in the zone and have them start the event and only that person will be announced. Then proceed to have the other 4 members zone in. Saved us a bunch of time! Comment by dethbyarthas The loot from this instance is amazing. I have posted some screenshots of the loot I got from my first run.

Comment by sicfatpulse yeah, but the stats are equivalent to iLevel gear. Comment by twitch77 another strategy on the first boss. Comment by Saldar Since WoWhead doesn't have enough confirmed dataz to associate loot to this instance yet I will post this To WoWhead Admins: please delete this once loot is associated. Edit: 11 AUG WoWhead has loot associated but it looks like it is loot for the raid instance and not the 5 man. The loot I listed is for the 5 man dungeon Trial of the Champion on normal and heroic mode. Comment by Xenbikk I ran this everyday so far on Heroic, and then at least 20 times on regular and I noticed a few things mostly on the first boss.

Please feel free to comment if you noticed the same thing. This means if the tank wasn't at the top, the boss will go straight for that person; not the nearest person as someone previously stated. So to counteract this: Kill 2 of the bosses together - the most lethal 2. Then have one group member stay at those two and trample them. At the same time have the tank get off his mount.. Now that when everyone else gets kicked off their horses only the one boss will go for another player. This creates a much easier situation for the tank to taunt 1 mob off of 1 player versus 3 off of 3 different players potentially.

Also save any aggro release abilities for when you get knocked off. This method worked every time when I was able to taunt them and not be beat on by a boss who wasn't being trampled. The leave the instance way is surely easier especially if the people in your group aren't coherent. Second boss - The healing lady that spawns an add. When she spawns the add, she can't be damaged anymore; therefore, the tank will not be able to aggro her anymore until the add is dead. With this being said, it is quite possible your healer will over-aggro the tank during the "kill add" phase.

If not the healer could potentially die, which isn't that critical because she doesn't hit hard and has lower hp, but still, no one likes to die. Just tried it again on Heroic: Worked Perfectly! Comment by Flick Heroic is , not I would be very appreciative. Comment by subverto this guide is from a HORDE player i've done this quite a few times on regular and only a couple on heroic, but from my understanding i found it easiest to do the place this way MOUNTED FIGHT phase 1 get everyone on the mounts, and make sure everyone has their main hand weapon on their action bar so when you get dismounted you just have to tap a button to get it back on, make sure shields are up, then talk to the guy in the middle to start it.

Comment by Santee But it aint complete? Comment by asciident The game is reporting ilvl from heroic, not Comment by Sondo So I was talking it over with a few of the folks on my server and this is what we came up with for the acronyms for the instance. This is what we came up with. Sondo the Insane Moon Guard. Comment by coyote72 Why was my post deleted? It's true. Sometimes when we dismount and fight all of the elites on foot during the first encounter, one of them will stop at 1 health and run back to thier mount and do some heavy damage to players.

We've either had to wipe or all zone out to reset the NPC's back to their spots. Also, the threat seems to be very weird after dismounting too. Comment by mattgaff87 Just in case anyone is curious, the items on the heroic list above infact have an item level of but currently when you mouse over the items it says the item level is I'm sure this will be fixed shortly though! Comment by sauceytarrant currently the loot listed on for this instance has been the most accurate you can also look via the item levels heroic mode drops a higher level than in normal and also the item levels for normal is the same no matter what the drop is this is also true for heroic mode the reason for this reply is i noticed True-aim Long Rifle listed in your loot for normal mode.

Comment by Sondo Why was this down graded? It's information about the instance Comment by HenryGold I suggest that if u dont alredy you should set your main hand weapon to a hotkey or position on your action bar as just after the fight on "Horse Back" as it were you then go straight into a boss fight so you need to swap your weapon back on fast. On Aedric the pure when the warning saying that he is about to cast a light move and tells you to divert your eyes that is exactly what you want to do just face away from him unless your the tank of course also when he does his righteos hammer be on the look out if your the healer coz it does hit quite hard and also stuns the tank.

Comment by Rotinaj Does anyone know when wowhead are going to update the loot tables and ect? Comment by Calair Here is my druid healer perspective on the the instance. Phase 1. It appears to work well if you can get one person to kite 2 mobs while you zerg the 1st one. Keep running over the bosses when they are down cause they will go get back on a horse. Once they are all off their mounts, run out and reset.

Mostly because they agro on foot right away and you don't have time to set up properly, seen DPS died right away because they were closest to the bosses. If you have the undead guy, yell at the group to get out of the green goo, and if you have the troll make sure the tank picks it up, it will 2 shot a squishy. Phase 2 Pally Boss: Easy The priest will summon an add, a random elite, so far I've seen ignis and vancleff. The priest goes immune, but still casts 5k smites, fears, and MCs random people.

Can get very hard to keep people alive if you get hit with a fear and a MC Phase 3. Lots of AOE heals if you are melee strong. Big chance to get adds on you if the tank is not spamming AOE. As druid I hot everyone and then shadowmeld to drop agro. Phase 3. Lots of AOE damage, and tank damage, save your cooldowns for this. I usually hot everyone, wildgrowth, then hit tranquility. So far its kept everyone alive. This instance requires allot of healing and healing quickly, most heroics I can keep a tank topped of with a regrowth and a rejuvenation per pull, and maybey a nourish or 2 during a boss fight.

In ToC I find my self spamming heals on everyone as fast as I can during some phases. Comment by joneru Reputation Gains on Regular: The three packs of three mobs on Round 1 each award 5 rep with your current championed faction. Total of 45 rep. Same goes for the 3x3 mobs in Round 2. The ghouls in Round 3 phase 2 also award 5 rep, and there is 8 of them. Total of 40 rep The bosses award 0 rep. Total Reputation for one run on Regular difficulty: Reputation Gains on Heroic: The three packs of three mobs on Round 1 each award 5 rep with your current championed faction.

The 3x3 mobs in Round 2 award 15 rep each. Total of rep. The ghouls in Round 3 phase 2 award 0 rep. The bosses award 0 rep. Total Reputation for one run on Heroic difficulty: Comment by rzzr The graveyard is very close by, easily less than a minute away. If you die don't hang around and watch the fight just head staight back in. First time I did it we wiped as the healer was so shocked to see me again!

Just add in the Darkheart chest from the Knights of the Ebon Blade and you have yourself a matched set of epic melee leather with no raids required. The stats are not to bad ethier. Comment by lav On average how long does it loot from a patch this size to be included on wowhead? Comment by nadQui Here is a complete loot list at worldofRaid , untill they get it fixed here at wowhead for them that are intressted. Comment by rnbw Be sure that looting is done before the next phase starts, because the chest disappears and you will have missed your chance.

They do not overlap each other, and they will stay there even after you beat the Black Knight. Comment by Chimie A helpful tip for when fighting the Black Knight in his second phase in regards to the exploding ghouls, which often can be the cause of a wipe: The ghouls will stop moving and while standing, slowly increase in size, this is your indicator to get out of the area, and hopefully, claim your achievement! Comment by Bartyx My own killing order recommendation for first encounter Faction Champions. Hunter Troll. Hes hard to tank. Shaman Tauren Heals.

Mage Blood Elf Strong aoe dmg. Rogue Unded Poison clouds and Fan of Knives aoe 5. Warrior Orc Mortal Strike. Comment by iSylvir Not sure if anyone has pointed this out though, but the second boss drops the same loot, regardless of whether it is Eadric the Pure or Argent Confessor Paletress. In addition to this, some speculate that the kill order and race of the Champion Jousters in the beginning of the dungeon have an effect of the yield of the loot after the first fight is over.

This too is incorrect. Comment by Baeyleon On 3 champions encounter after you knock all 3 bosses off and dismount, it makes it alot easier and much less chance of a wipe if everyone just runs out and then back into the instance. When you first get back in the bosses usually are not there but just give it a sec and they will appear in their little triple formation and you can mark them up and pull that way.

I find that alot easier especially for the tank to grab agro and have the encounter go smooth. Comment by havokry It is actually not true. Comment by vints22 Req lvl 79 to go in normal Toc! Comment by Creaca A quick run down of unmounted Grand Champions follows. This information is assuming you are doing the Heroic Version. Always interrupt this. Whirlwind - Powerful AoE, have your Melee get out of this asap. Hunter - Troll and Night Elf Lightning Arrows - Adds a large amount of lightning damage done to ranged attacks, has 5 charges.

Disengage - The Grand Champion flys back 20 yards. Rogue - Dwarf and Forsaken Deadly Poison - Ticks for about 2k every 3 seconds, cleanse it if you can. Poison Vial - Drops a poison slick in a 10 yard radius, this targets a random member of the group, including the tank. Blast wave - Powerful insta-cast AoE, heavily melee groups should watch out. Polymorph - Sheeps a random member of the group for 4 seconds, the Tank can not be targeted by this.

Comment by Caustco Are any other clothies annoyed at the lack of cloth drops in heroic mode? No cloth drops from the first two waves at all. Cloth drops total: 3, all from the Black Knight. Leather: 6 Mail: 5 Plate With 3 classes that all need cloth, this seems slightly unbalanced. Every time I go, I see plate drop, but only twice have I seen cloth.

Yes, there are drop that clothies can use Spectral Kris, especially , but even on those we are usually rolling against other armor classes, thus making it harder for us to get anything, and gear up. We got dwarf rogue , human warrior , dranei shaman. We were doing OK until at one stage, I got stunned inside poison cloud for like seconds, followed by being thrown 20 yards away. The comments thus far haven't mentioned anything about stuns or knockbacks though, which of the three Champions had these skills, and are they avoidable?

Comment by Iccarius Honestly, with the down rating. My question was perfectly valid, and I assume I'm not the only one curious about the music. They hit pretty hard compared to normal. Our composition was the hunter, the rogue, and the warrior, but I'm assuming the roles are the same even if the races are different. The poison cloud and the stuns? Those were compliments of the rogue, just like the player class. He hits fast and often, so assuming your mitigation and stam are high enough, he'll just be keeping you at the same point, health-wise.

Your mileage may vary, but in my experience, it worked. If you have a mostly-ranged DPS class, you can just sort of kite this guy around to avoid his AOE poisons, but it's a bit harder if you're in a mostly-melee group. The throw was from the warrior.

This seems to be random and annoying, and I haven't found a way to keep from getting thrown such as tanking against a wall but it also doesn't seem to hurt that bad. It's disorienting, though, and that in itself can cause just as much harm. Expect it to happen, and just be ready to rush back to whoever you were tanking. The shaman casts the heals and chain lightning, but he never really seemed to be that big of a problem.

If you can spare an interrupt, I'm pretty sure they can be countered, though I haven't had to fight him on heroic in a while. I think he can cast Earth Shield which can be a bother, but I've never known a group to have trouble damaging through the heals. You didn't ask, but I'm offering my insight on the others as well. The mage will cast a couple of typical mage spells, including Polymorph and Blast Wave. Other than that, ranged DPS. Can probably be ignored if your DPS is high enough to burn through the more dangerous champions such as the rogue.

Anyone know if the mage can be poisoned or cursed to delay the casts? The hunter is just annoying, and had to be off-tanked the last couple of times we got him. He periodically casts Lightning Arrows and hops backwards. Three guesses who he targets. If you can keep the aggro off of the healer, maybe you could get away without an off-tank, but I wouldn't suggest it. Our healers when they do die tend to get killed in about three seconds, seemingly out of nowhere.

Once in melee, though, he's a pushover. The throw is from the warrior, unavoidable. Comment by rb4havoc It's too bad one of the memories isn't of Kelidan the Breaker, because then his quote would really make sense: "Who dares interrupt? What is this? What have you done? Comment by NeverAza Very very simple istance with some good drops.. Comment by KenpachiZ should you be lvl 80 to run this?

Comment by parazyte Yes of course it can.

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Comment by Beramus Yes, you can reset it and do it over and over on normal mode. Comment by nearmellomt Thats because a druid or a warlock would cause a wipe cuz they're too awsum. Comment by edwordrules You can run that instance on normal all day, until every ones bags are full of shards, if there is an enchanter in the group, or you get so bored that you would rather go run people through Dead Mines or the Stockades and realize that you indeed do have WAY to much time on your hands.

But its also a good way to get your alts some decent gear. I prefer gearing my alts! Comment by Muffinpuppet Never mind, downrate this. Commented on wrong item. Comment by theqwertyui After you kill all mounted dudes and get dismounted you can simplify the fight by walking out of the instance. This way when you get back inside the 3 dudes will be in one place and this makes your tank life much easier. Alternatively you could try to kill them close to each other so when dismounted your tank can aggro all of them without running around. Second part of the Knight fight.

All dps try to reduce your aggro if possible and let tank pick up adds first. Then massive AoE from the distance adds explode. Comment by Dronus86 The simplest way to complete this dungeon is this: Begin event, mount up, put up all 3 shields. Joust the 3 groups of 3 adds should be fairly simple. Joust the boss in kill order just so everyone knows who to target first. Make sure you run over anyone who gets dismounted, so they don't get back up. Every once in a while, trample them again.

After jousting all the bosses, you will be forcefully dismounted. Don't even re equip your gear. Once everyone has dezoned, everyone can rezone and all three champions will be waiting patiently at the entrance door. Buff, and when ready, have the tank pull paladins may find a lot of use out of a fully talented avenger's shield, as they can be silenced. It will decimate your health. If you have a Shammy, drop a cleansing totem to deal with the rogue's poisons. All of them can be stunned and silenced, and dazed. After defeating the champions, grab the loot!

Then its time for Eadric or Confessor, and their adds. Pull each group individually. Don't even worry about the lightwells, your DPS should be able to burn down the priestess faster than it can heal her and some specials don't work on it, making it annoying to kill. As soon as she dies, it disappears. If you're in heroic, try to interrupt her mind control. Then kill the lightbearer. Nothing big, tank and spank with light aoe.

Then the monk. In heroic he can put a debuff on you, but it'll wear off eventually. Priests can Mass Dispel it. Repeat for each group. Then the boss becomes aggro. Eadric: Turn your back to him whenever radiance is about to go off. Big heals if anyone gets hit by the hammer. She'll stun and knock everyone back, and summon an add some boss or important character from the past. DPS the add down fast, and avoid hitting her she has a reflective shield.

The add can fear and mass-fear once on the mass, I think. Now for the BK. First phase is easy. Kill the add. Kill the BK. Second phase is bad. All DPS on the adds, and if you see one growing larger, run away. If you kill the boss while the adds are alive, they'll simultaneously explode. You're lucky if you can outrun them. If a DPS gets hit by more than 3, they'll probably die. Collect loot; rejoice! Comment by Maravelle Just a friendly reminder to shamans who run this: After you fight the faction champions, recall your totems before you talk to Jaeran again!

A guildmate shaman of mine forgot to do so, and every pack aggroed on to us while they were coming through the entry. We wiped, and when the mobs reset, they did not reset in their normal positions. Needless to say, we had to burn every cooldown we had to get all nine of them down at the same time. Comment by ttsaypra People from lv can enter this on normal.

Maybe lv Comment by Peppercan I think in the end of the instance after the black knight, Tirion says "Go now and rest; You've earned it", may be a reference to The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion arena? Comment by gryldrak People on my server are debating the needed defense for the tank in this instance. Is it , as with all other heroics, or , as it is for raids? The arguments are getting quite annoying.

Comment by Toxiciity Minimum Level to enter is Comment by coyote72 The first encounter is bugged. The threat is very weird when they all dismount, and it's a common thing throughout all servers I play on to zone out after dismounting. I'm not sure what Blizzard designed this to do, but even when they burst down my Mount, and I fall off, every single Mounted enemy in the room will target the person that isn't on a Mount and kill them.

Stop deleting my posts, this is true. Comment by SeabeastRivin The first encounter is bugged. Comment by Iceleaf For its own reasons Argent Lance and faction lance is unique. Therefore you must have it with you or you wont be able to get it from the Lance rack. If you left it in your bank you just need to fetch it or let someone get it for you to mount up. Comment by meliendra Remember, Death Knights can use Mind Freeze to stop most spell cast in the fights. It is essencital that you use this when the Shaman is about to Chain Heal, stopping this can make the fight last around 20 seconds shorter.

And for heals on the Erik fight, I always have my back turn to him. Only time I turn around is when I use Penneace. Comment by klingspohn4 Does anyone else find that Blizzard has gave up on hunters? Same with other Heroics, Other gear drops constantly and Hunter gear never drops, And there is also less Hunter gear than other clasess in Heroics. None of what i just said apply's for raids but you need Heroic gear to get into a raid!

Klingerjesse- Elune. Comment by bigtallyho i was hoping 4 some help i am geared with all but 3 things from N ToC i am a DK in frost 4 tanking and dps and im pulling anywere from1. Comment by cms2k Requires level 75 to enter the instance on regular mode.

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Which maybe a quote from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion when you finish and arena match the announcer says "Go now and rest: you've earned it! Comment by Babetastic This is a great place to acquire gear to be equipped upon hitting level It beats the heck out of farming 10 man Naxx and as I said, it can be done multiple times a day.

This is also a great place to farm Abyss Crystals if your guild needs them and you've got some extra time on your hands to spend piddle-farting around in TOC! Comment by chz A good thing to point out is that, yet again, there is next to no resto shaman gear. And I can say AS a resto shaman that I have seen countless times tanks come and go after getting gear simply and an infinite amount of dps that get all of their gear for essentially free for practically doing nothing. Guess I know now why shaman go enhancement. Comment by Wuppy Another tip, for 5 man hc probably works at normal to, but not tested.

It is possible to reset the instance before you are saved and get another random first group. So if you want to get an easy first group, set to hc, run in, get lance, mount and talk to elf; wait for introduction to end and see what bosses are on the mounts. If you don't like them, run out, reset and run in. Mount, talk to elf and see what for grp you get. The first mount group will run to the center and wait till you attack; so just stand at the side. Once you have a nice first group, you can start inviting ppl and hopefully have an easy run. I took me 10 minutes to get shaman, hunter and mage; which was much better then the initial group of rogue, warrior and shaman.

Comment by annerajb "Yo Tririon i am really happy for you and i will let you finish your long intro scene. But Kaelthas had one of the longest and most boring intro scenes of all times. The entire 15 Minutes of your time is worth: Reputation! Comment by Mateos What does your dps have to be at to run heroic? The normal 1. Comment by Aelfthryth As of patch 3. When you right click on Arelas Brightstar, you now have two options: "I am ready. However I'd like to skip the pageantry.

Comment by Puckish There are two very helpful changes to this in 3. This saves several tedious minutes. It's no longer necessary to run out to reset them. Comment by Olevgiuse Patch 3. Also, Blizz must've realized a lot of groups were running out to reset the Grand Champions at dismount, so they now reset themselves, allowing you some time to prep for footed combat. Comment by Verrmilion The loot is obviously aimed so all will benefit but healers, especially close to none loot for trees.

Comment by Edymnion Didn't see it in any of the previous comments, so: If possible, try to have a shaman in the party either as DPS or Healing, doesn't matter which. If you're unlucky enough to get the Confessor, the Waking Nightmare she summons likes to Fear. A tremor totem is exceedingly useful for shutting that down, especially since you need to be focusing as much DPS on that thing as possible.

I did at least a dozen runs yesterday, and Confessor only spawned once. Comment by Revrant Hope to God you aren't as horrifically unlucky as I am with this instance, I've come to hate it with a passion after initially loving it, 13 runs and 6 7 if I count the Mask with no Rogues upgrades. Not a god damned single one has dropped after 13 days, and everywhere I look people are toting around True Aim rifles and the shoulders and the amulet, and I have squat.

This guy right here is about to turn into Eeyore. Comment by re After spending the past two days working to get the full set of tanking gear, here are the strategies I've noticed that will be helpful to horde warrior tanks in reg ToC: All bosses in this instance are disarmable, with the sole exceptions of Paletress's adds and Stage 3 Black Knight.

Encounter 1: Champions: This fight is farely straightforward, simply tank all three bosses. You'll want to use Heroic throw on any casters, and then charge in. You'll want to make sure the warrior or rogue boss is disarmed as often as possible. Shield bash the casters, especially Colosos as he heals himself and his fellows. Order of importance for kill sequence goes: Colosos Hunter Mage warrior rogue assuming you are watching for poison ground carefully, and have intelligent dps who follow you Encounter 2: The 1st part of these fights are both the same -- kill the adds, activate the encounter.

Start from the left facing the boss and go right, this will help you to line up adds for shockwave, as you wont have to turn around to face the mobs after you've charged the priestess. Killsequence will be Priestess, Lightwielder, Monk. Regular drill for multi-tanking, my reccomendation is to save disarm for the lightwielder, as you wont have time to get in a disarm on both the proestess and lightwielder, and the monk has no weapon.

Shield bash the heals only, dont worry about the lightwell. Eadric: Tank and spank. Your first priority should be to disarm him, as from what I've seen he can't throw his hammer while disarmed. Paletress: Stage 1: Burn her down, bash the first spell you see, as she doesnt heal at all in this stage.

Immune to stuns. Stage 2: Berserker Rage will not eat the add summon period Confession? Hold onto to it until you see the add begin to cast, and then pop it. You should be able to get them both in with perfect timing, as the CD on Rage is the time in between fears. Once the add is summoned, dont even think about Paletress. The add is TnS other than the fears, just a lot of HP to go through, and all adds are immune to stuns and disarm; they deal shadow damage if you want to base a defense on that. Stage 3: Once again, burn her down. Use this time to get your party further away from him than you are.

A real nice convenience to note is that his threat rolls over in between stages. Stage 1: After he kills the announcer, begin spamming taunt on the Black Knight. Pop disarm right off the bat, but not more than once during stage 1, you'll want it for stage 2. Once you've collected as many as you can, get back to the knight, establish some threat, and then pop Challenging Shout. You ought not to have had to used this yet, and something to note is that the cooldown will be done once you run this again Shockwave all the adds, single target the Black knight.

Taunt any adds that run away, however dont directly attack them. You should have overhead health bars displayed, and start moving once you begin to see the explode. You might be able to eat it, but melee dps can't. Stage 3: In his lich form, the BK is immune to disarm, so don;t worry about it. His melee attacks also become a lot of magic, so armor mitigation won't do you anything here, nor will demo shout. Use spell reflect, i haven't proven that it works, but im pretty sure it ought to work much like the last boss in UP does.

Burn him down, kill him. Hope this has helped you guys, and I promise all the work is worth it. There's some really nice tank gear in here, and the drop rates are actually rather good. Praetorianis, Horde Warrior Onyxia. How do you find it? Do you need DPS meter to check it? Comment by Coler until now Crusader's Coliseum Trial of Champions and Trial of Crusaders are the best instances at all and they drop cool epics and armor tokens Comment by nilsnerpilsner lol the stuff u want from toc hc never drop when u need it Comment by Aitamen Nope, the drop tables are different depending on which boss you get.

Yes, I'm a rogue main. Comment by Hunterkk Tip to all tanks: Tank the bosses near the entrance portal It gives time to healers if ever they die to come back and get a instant cast heal on you to put you up a little. It could be a total life saver. Comment by hock quick question, do you if you are lvl 80 do u need to be geared or can you do it with just blues and greens? Oblivion refrence? Comment by Zaga As far as I can tell, Regular Trial of the Champion requires a gear score rating on in order to unlock it with the new Dungeon seeking system.

So for all those new 80's wondering why you can not instantly join it try buying a few pieces off your servers AH that are a high item level and see if you can get it unlocked then. Comment by pandaren how much hp would u say a tank needs to start tanking this place on regular? Comment by phoi Did it get a serious buff for 3. Comment by Wolke Could I tank this ini on heroic with this gear? At least it is not possible at Comment by T3hHappyEmo I have according to my wowhead profile and its still not allowing me to que.

Comment by hogue It seems final boss phase 3 damage lesser if you closer to boss. Had very bad times as warlock or hunter dying or finishing near death standing in yards range. Comment by Bigghammer Tirion's statement at the end "Go now and rest, You've earned it. Comment by Hoochie You need lvl 75 to enter the instance nonheroic ofc. Comment by zneekah Is this the only instance without critters?

Announcer: Leave the arena now and rest; you've earned it. Just thought it was interesting. Comment by Enct Requires an average ilvl of to queue for normal mode in the dungeon finder. Comment by nintendorichard I don't think this is soloable. In the jousting phase, I easily defeated the three packs of the three champions, but when the three grand champions came, I couldn't beat them. They hit me for so much damage in very little time, and if I tried to back off, they would instantly come at me with a Charge.

I also tried to kill them on foot, but they kept charging me and stunning me, even with my mirror images up. Grand Champions, Phase 1: Use charge to get from mount to mount. You will effectively get one charge and one spear throw out of each mount before needing to get a new one. By doing this you should be able to keep your primary target at zero armor and dealing at least 14k damage per charge 1 armor.

I used Resist Aura for the mage and Seal of Insight. This is the only part I died on, just because I didn't want to pop Lay on Hands with mortal strike on me. I then came back and took them out by popping all cooldowns. From there it was cake and I gained more life than they dealt. Eadric: Easy. Seal of Insight. Occasionally you'll resist his stun and can throw the hammer back for a free 15k damage. I also bubbled out of one and got the hammer as well. His hammer does hit hard if he gets you, so I offset that by casting one Divine Light each time he does his Radiance.

Black Knight: Seal of Insight. Phase 1: Cleanse diseases. Phase 2: I popped Guardian and slowly backpedaled while using Hammer of the Righteous to kill the adds slowly. Holy Wrath can give you a moment of reprieve while his adds are stunned. Phase 3: I saved bubble in case his stacking debuff became a problem, I could wipe the stack. It didn't. Yay for 3 Champion's Seals! Comment by Yairdv im an arms warr lvl 79, which gear, should i get 2 enter ToC? Comment by Taioron Just did this solo as a Blood DK, didn't realize it wasn't on heroic till I was done with the jousting though, so only did it on normal so far.

If I try heroic sometime then I'll post the results. The hardest part is the jousting though. You can try to get off as many charges and spear throws as possible before getting knocked off, just stay near the edges where more mounts are so you can hop back on another one. At first I focused on colosus till he was dead, but the problem with that is they'll get back on another mount with a bunch of health. So instead, get each one down to just a couple hits from dead, then finish them all off at the same time.

As a DK, when you get knocked off your horse you can pop Icebound Fortitude and that will prevent them from knocking you down, you can do quite a bit of damage on foot before IBF wears off, then hop on another mount. Also if they're wearing you down on foot before you get another mount, IBF plus death strikes will fill you back up easy. Comment by Validuz Attempted to solo this as Enhance. Never got past the jousting vs the elites. After tries of figuring out that I need to get off my mount early and grab another before trying to land extra hits, I finally managed to whittle them down.

The problem is that they just wouldn't die.

At one point, I had all of them on the ground, in the same spot, non-stop trampling them didn't even have to move , and it wouldn't end the event. The event just wouldn't end. It was a good waste of an hour Comment by hascat Tried to solo this, but I couldn't get past the jousting portion.

The mobs would despawn whenever I tried to hop to a new mount.

I also tried dismounting, then mounting another one, and the same thing happened. Comment by ibroadfo The mobs would despawn whenever I tried to hop to a new mount. Comment by Flowermuffin I did actually manage to solo this in 4. I would run to a wolf mount horde when I was close to my current mount dying. I would target one first and focus on her until she was down, then I would make sure she was stunned on the ground.

Then I would get another down to where the first kill was and made sure they were close together trampled. I focused down the last one near the other npcs and kept those trampled while killing the last target.

Took a bunch of tries but I finally got it down! It IS solo-able but takes a bit of effort, after the jousting part it's cake. Blood death knight ilvl. Comment by Vrominelli There's this warrior in the guild I'm in So one day he tells me that soloing ToC heroic was kinda hard, then links some heroic gear off the Black Knight.

He isn't the best warrior in the world, and sure he still kinda sucks with the jousting Comment by NissaR Mobs despawning when getting new mount still :. Comment by Killsmore Equip a lance, jump on mount, start the event, then jump off of the mount. You can kill the first three groups of mobs very quickly while dismounted and then jump on a mount for the champions.

I can't beat the champions though lol. Comment by CalaelenDT Just a heads-up for those who were a bit confused as I was, reputation from the boss' isn't awarded after each individual boss is defeated, but the reputation of all 3 boss' will be added up and awarded at once after the Black Knight has been defeated.

Trash mobs will instantly give reputation upon death, if applicable. Comment by ntzoid The following worked fine for me for the jousting phases in Normal and Heroic: Groups phase: Just use charge and clear one opponent at a time. Switch mount just after clearing a group. It will not reset if you do it at this time. Champions phase: Use shield throw, charge and switch mount. Do this repeatedly and be patient cause it takes some time. Hint: You don't need to dismount first to get a new mount. You can jump from the wounded mount to a new one. For the small mount phase, just go in without a mount and kill them, they're very weak and don't do much damage.

It's more trouble than it's worth to mount up for them. For the big mounts, I started out on foot, and killed one of them first.

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