Sudan (Modern World Nations)

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Throughout the year they suspended, delayed, or confiscated editions of newspapers for running pieces critical of the president or ruling party, its economic policies, corruption, or other sensitive topics. During January protests, at least 18 journalists including correspondents of Reuters and AFP were arrested. Most were released the same day but four were held for several weeks without charge; journalist Amal Habani was severely beaten during interrogation.

From Conflict to Cooperation? Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda

Authorities prosecuted an al-Jareeda editor and journalist for criminal defamation because they had written about corruption in March. Government forces used sexual violence against women and girls with impunity, particularly in Darfur where they have been implicated in widespread sexual violence in the past. In February, the United Nations expert on sexual violence in conflict noted following her visit to Sudan that there is a deep-seated culture of denial around rape.

In May, Noura Hussein, a year-old woman forced into marriage at 16, was sentenced to death for killing her husband when he tried to rape her. In June, a court commuted the sentence to five years in prison with a heavy fine.

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In October, security officials in South Darfur detained a group of Christians for several days, and forced them to renounce their faith. They charged a priest with apostasy. On February 11, authorities demolished an evangelical church building in Khartoum without notice, after previously threatening to demolish 25 churches.

Sudan hosts refugees and migrants from the region and received nearly , more refugees from South Sudan, bringing the total over , The notoriously abusive Rapid Support Forces lead its response to migration. Authorities have deported Eritreans, often without giving them an opportunity to apply for asylum. Sudanese living in Cairo, including refugees, were subjected to harassment , interrogations, and warned of deportation by Egyptian and Sudanese officials.

Sudan hosted peace talks on conflicts in the Central Africa Republic and South Sudan, and continued participation in the Arab coalition fighting in Yemen. The EU continued to support controversial migration programs, widely criticized for encouraging abuses by security forces. The ICC first announced charges in Skip to main content. The National Intelligence and Security Service NISS used excessive force to break up protests and arbitrarily detained dozens of activists and opposition party members. The authorities censored the media, confiscated newspapers, detained outspoken critics, and barred key opposition figures from traveling outside the country.

Sudan has made no meaningful attempt to provide accountability for past or current abuses in conflict zones or other serious human rights violations. It has not cooperated with the International Criminal Court ICC cases on charges against the president and four other men, of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Darfur.

Browse Countries Choose Mailey, the director of investigations at the Sentry, in an interview with Foreign Policy.

South Sudan: A New History for a New Nation · Ohio University Press / Swallow Press

The exact details of transactions surrounding the permits have not been made public by the South Sudanese government. Gatkuoth was fired in June, reportedly over corruption allegations. Other foreign nationals have worked to form lucrative business ventures with South Sudanese government officials or warlords. Department of Justice. In , two British businessman, Abdelkarim Adam Eisa Mohamed and Dawd Adam Rife Abute, formed an oil company with a top South Sudanese general who has been accused of forcibly recruiting child soldiers.

The bank opened in with former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn reportedly attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The Sentry urged the United States, the European Union, and other foreign governments to crack down on these banks and investors engaged in allegedly corrupt activities in South Sudan, including stepping up sanctions on the family members of South Sudanese officials and military leaders, blocking their access to luxury goods and real estate properties they own abroad, and boosting anti-money laundering efforts. Robbie Gramer is a diplomacy and national security reporter at Foreign Policy.

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South Sudan, the World's Newest Country

A new study, four years in the making, details the secret global supply chain sidestepping international arms embargoes on South Sudan. Sign up for free access to 1 article per month and weekly email updates from expert policy analysts. Create a Foreign Policy account to access 1 article per month and free newsletters developed by policy experts. Thank you for being an FP Basic subscriber.

To get access to this special FP Premium benefit, upgrade your subscription by clicking the button below. Thank you for being an FP reader. To get access to this special FP Premium benefit, subscribe by clicking the button below. Newly released child soldiers stand with rifles during their release ceremony in Yambio, South Sudan, on Feb.

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Sudan (Modern World Nations) Sudan (Modern World Nations)
Sudan (Modern World Nations) Sudan (Modern World Nations)
Sudan (Modern World Nations) Sudan (Modern World Nations)
Sudan (Modern World Nations) Sudan (Modern World Nations)
Sudan (Modern World Nations) Sudan (Modern World Nations)
Sudan (Modern World Nations) Sudan (Modern World Nations)

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