U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205)

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Records : of the Wyoming Ship , June June Hamilton, Emory Clyde. Innes, Richard B. Little Chebeague Island collection, Middlebrook, Louis F. Louis Middlebrook scrapbook, Parris, Virgil, World War I bonus files and index. Waddell-Setze-McClatchey Family. Tallmadge, Benjamin, Benjamin Tallmadge correspondence, Larsen, William. Navy Board of the Eastern Dept. Letter book, Oct. Robinson, Jeremy, Jeremy Robinson papers, Scagliotta, June October Lokey, Hamilton, Hamilton Lokey papers, List of naval credits, Pineau, Roger, Wilson, William W.

Glover AGDE Fletcher, Frank Friday, Papers of Frank Friday Fletcher [manuscript] Office of Naval Intelligence. Solomon Islands campaign : printed, Warner, Alton, Oral history interview with Alton Warner, October Cochrane, E. Edward Lull , b. Clymer, George, d. Manuscript account of George Clymer, Heinz, Luther C. Luther Carl , Luther Carl Heinz papers, Saltonstall family. Saltonstall family papers, Curtis, Robert P.

Robert P. Curtis correspondence, Jones, Carl R. Carl R. Jones and family papers, , Great Britain. Royal Navy. Logs, Northwestern University Evanston, Ill. Military Training Program Records, Kiehne, Rudy, Oral history interview with Rudy Kiehne, March Newman family. Naval papers, Helmer, Richard E. Oral history interview with Richard E. Helmer, Jr. Hanna, Mark. Hawk IX Long, Andrew T. Andrew Theodore , Andrew T. Long papers, bulk Casualty Assistance Branch.

Purple Heart cards, s. De Soto Side wheel steamer. De Soto general regulations, Feb. Eslick, Garlen W. Oral history interview with Garlen W. Eslick, April Edgar William and Clara Kale Bullard papers, ss [manuscript]. Horne, Frederick Joseph, Frederick Joseph Horne papers, bulk Bellinger, Patrick N. Copy Berg papers, s, dates Sutherland, William A. Papers Argus surgeon's journal, Duncan, Donald, Reminiscences of Donald Duncan : oral history, Fullam, William F.

William Freeland , Papers of William F. Fullam, Timlin, Charles, Oral history interview with Charles Timlin, July 8. Allmand family. Section White, Luisa C. Warrior MCM , [ongoing]. Fees, H. Woodbury, Levi, Levi Woodbury family papers, bulk Williams, Murphy, Jr. Oral history interview with Rev. Murphy Williams, Jr. Dale Sloop of war. Logbook, Oct. Spalding, Lyman G. Bates, William J. Oral history interview with William Bates, February Kelly, William G.

William G. Kelly papers, Quinn, Clifton. Griffin, Virgil Childers, Papers of Virgil Childers Griffin, Mugalian, Robert H. Wooten, J. Joe Paisley.

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Wooten photograph collection, Starkey, John P. Oral history interview with John P. Starkey, March Boon, Ratliff, Pemstein Papers, Prochnow, Alex G. Prochnow, August Sabin, Lorenzo S. Cobb, Edward. Private journal of the U. Scammon, Frank, b. Frank Scammon autobiography, after Smithtown Historical Society Smithtown, N.

Military records, Leathem D. Stark, Harold R. Harold Raynsford , Evans, Joseph S. Ships aircraft and weapons of the U. Talbot, Silas, Lafferty, Robert C. Robert Carroll , Bache, George M. George Mifflin Bache papers, Whittemore, Eugene. Eugene Whittemore papers, [manuscript]. James M. Duncan family. Duncan family papers, McKeehan, L. Louis Williams , Autobiography, ca, Letter, Mullan, D. Ensign D.

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Mullan Collection, , Eltinge family. Eltinge-Lord family papers, Bartlett, Bradford.

Biographical notes:

Untermeyer, Marguerite G. Rebecca Sims Ship. Logbook of the ship Rebecca Sims, Nov. McPeake, P. Buffalo Dry Dock Company. Favorite, [ongoing]. Aston, Rogers, Oral history interview with Rogers Aston, May 4. Francis Dennis Boyle papers, Kennedy, Albert E. Oral history interview with Albert E. Kennedy, April Van Gieson, Ransford E. Papers of Ransford E. Van Gieson, Herold, John S. Anderson, Henry H.

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Photographs, Carman, Ezra Ayers, Ezra Ayers Carman papers, , bulk Abbot, J. Lloyd, Oral history interview with Admiral J. Lloyd Abbot, Jr. Amaral, George. The Amaral Brothers collection, [ca. Schmitz, Ralph, ,. Oral history interview with Ralph Schmitz, Tompkins, Daniel D. Letter : Albany, N. Crowninshield, Apr. Bard, Nathan Wayne. Nathan Wayne Bard papers, bulk Grand Fleet. Grand Fleet radio message transcripts, Sanford, George A. Sawyer, Ralph A. Ralph Alanson , Ralph A. Sawyer papers, Nation, M.

Baker, Martin, b. Atkins, Julius R. Julius R. Atkins recollection and photograph, Gill, C. Charles Clifford , b. Dunn, Lynne. Electric Boat Company. Denfeld, Louis E. Boudreau, Mary E. Mary E. Boudreau papers, Pemstein, Bernard M. Letters of Bernard M. Pemstein [manuscript], Sperry, Elmer Ambrose, Brunger papers, , United States Naval Photographs, Carlson, Konrad H.

Konrad H. Carlson personal papers, Moore family. Titcomb, Joseph. Joseph Titcomb papers, , bulk Washington Navy Yard. Lange, Phil. Papers, [ca. Broadside of William F. Danenhower, John Wilson, Danenhower papers, James S. Griffin papers. Taylor, John Clayton, John Clayton Taylor papers, [manuscript]. Stratton, Richard A. Richard A. Stratton papers, Duc, Henry A. Sawyer Papers, Newcomb, Henry S. Journal of Henry S.

Newcomb, Preble family. John R. Goldsborough papers, Goldsborough, John R. Powhatan Side-wheel steamer. Station book of the U. Powhatan, Smith-Hutton, Henri Harold, Henri Harold Smith-Hutton papers, Parker, James L. James Lawrence , James L. Parker papers, Lord, Clifford L. Clifford Lee , Stone, Earl Everett, Papers and photographs, Davis, Harry K. Harry and Mildred Davis collection, []-[]. Finnerty, Patrick O. Oral history interview with Patrick O.

Finnerty [sound recording], Grimes, James W. James Wilson , The James W. Grimes collection. Yale, [ongoing]. Fuller, Charles H. Charles H. Fuller--Great White Fleet collection, []. Martin, Jack J. Oral history interview with Jack Martin, November Hayes, W. Webb Cook , b. Webb C. Hayes II collection, bulk Collum, Richard S. Richard Strader. Account of U. Marines' expedition to Panama, Morrison, Wilbur H. Wilbur H.

US Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (MAA Nr. 205) Osprey

Morrison papers, Leonard, Edith Lincoln. Collection, inclusive , bulk. Training School Tucson, Ariz. Paul B. Ryan papers, Townsend, Frank, Oral history interview with Frank Townsend, July 6. Faxon, William, Letter, undated draft, to Henry Wilson. Noble family. Noble family papers, bulk Linthicum, Eleanor Delano, Biography L-Z , []-[]. Kelso, Frank B. Frank Benton , Scrapbooks, Grattan family. Papers of the related Grattan, Roller, Heneberger and Shacklett families [manuscript], Roger Welles Papers, , bulk McDonald, Ward D.

Oral history interview with Ward D. McDonald, Howard, William J. Agamemnon photograph, [? Williams, Henry, Reminiscences of Henry Williams : oral history, Darlington, William, Lapinsky, Edward C. Edward C. James Wilson , The James W. Grimes collection. Yale, [ongoing]. Fuller, Charles H. Charles H. Fuller--Great White Fleet collection, []. Martin, Jack J. Oral history interview with Jack Martin, November Hayes, W.

Webb Cook , b. Webb C. Hayes II collection, bulk Collum, Richard S. Richard Strader. Account of U. Marines' expedition to Panama, Morrison, Wilbur H. Wilbur H. Morrison papers, Leonard, Edith Lincoln. Collection, inclusive , bulk. Training School Tucson, Ariz. Paul B. Ryan papers, Townsend, Frank, Oral history interview with Frank Townsend, July 6. Faxon, William, Letter, undated draft, to Henry Wilson. Noble family. Noble family papers, bulk Linthicum, Eleanor Delano, Biography L-Z , []-[]. Kelso, Frank B. Frank Benton , Scrapbooks, Grattan family.

Papers of the related Grattan, Roller, Heneberger and Shacklett families [manuscript], Roger Welles Papers, , bulk McDonald, Ward D. Oral history interview with Ward D. McDonald, Howard, William J. Agamemnon photograph, [? Williams, Henry, Reminiscences of Henry Williams : oral history, Darlington, William, Lapinsky, Edward C.

Edward C. Lapinsky collection, Stalker, Gene Ray. Paulding, Hiram, Papers, , bulk. Lau, James. James Lau papers, and Allen, William A. William A. Allen papers, Bird family. Bird family papers, Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co. Manitowoc, Wis. Pompon SS Sutterley, Edward B.

Stone, Earl E. Wisconsin, [ongoing]. Risser, Fred A. Oral history interview with Fred A. Risser, [sound recording], Rendleman, Richard James, Richard James Rendleman papers, Austin, Bernard L. Bernard Lige , Papers of Bernard L. Austin, bulk Chandler, William. William Chandler papers, Perry, Matthew Calbraith, Matthew Calbraith Perry letters to John L.

Cunningham, DuVal, Miles P. Miles Percy , Stone, Eugene Potter. Diaries, George D. Murray Papers, William D. Leahy Papers, , bulk Brazos Productions. Combat at Sea, Film Collection, , Guide to the Ardath W. Burks Papers, Miles Percy DuVal papers, McClelland, James A. Oral history interview with James A.

McClelland, July 8. Nottingham, Wells B. Almy, John Jay, John Jay Almy papers, Todd, Martha D. William M. Todd Case File, Samuel Lockwood papers, Joseph Fielding Smith letters, Cooper, Roger S. Oliver Hazard Perry. Falk, Victor S. Oral history interview with Victor S. Falk [sound recording], Boston Press Rifle Association. Trade catalogs of firearms, Allen, Lafon,. War poster collection, inclusive , bulk. Dashen, Roger Frederick, Oral history interview with Roger Frederick Dashen, July 2. Mystic Shipyard. Records of the Mystic Shipyard, ca. Fowler, Ben Earl, Memoir, ca.

African Squadron. Order book for the African Squadron, Davidson, Chester R. Madison, James, John T. Hawkins Navy memorandum book, Kamenicky, Albert L. Oral history interview with Albert Kamenicky, April Bonus application records. Hunter, Robert C. Wiedefeld, Henry.

Waring, C. Racine PF Cooley, Wayne D. Brady, William N. Akers, Doyle C. Doyle C. Akers memoir, Eugene G. Aune photograph collection, Lansdale, Philip. Philip Lansdale diary, Stabler family. Stabler Family Papers, , bulk Merrimack Ship.

Merrimack Ship naval cruising journal, Commission to John C. Manson as sailing master in the U. Navy [manuscript] 15 July Morgan, Edwin D. Edwin Denison , Letter : New York, to Ulysses S. Grant, Washington, D. Harlan, George Cuvier, Papers of George Cuvier Harlan, , bulk Buttenwieser, Benjamin J. Reminiscences of Benjamin J. Buttenwieser : oral history, Blumenthal, Sidney, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard U. Navy Dept. Cocke, Harrison Henry, Harrison Henry Cocke papers, Roe, Francis Asbury, Francis Asbury Roe papers, bulk Harrison, George.

Theodore Stark Wilkinson Papers, , bulk Rush, Richard, Meredith, William Tuckey, William Tuckey Meredith letters to Mary Watson, Tew family. Charles F. Tew papers, Naval History Society,. Snelson, Harry H. Oral history interview with H. Snelson, June Remey, Charles Mason, Charles Mason Remey papers, inclusive , bulk.

Richard Beverly and Louis Wimpelberg power of attorney document, Allison, Joe, Oral history interview with Joe Allison, March 2. Vanderhorst family. Vanderhorst family papers, Isaac Chauncey letter to Henry Dearborn, September 8. Taylor family. Taylor family : papers, Cummings, Charles Kimball, Voyages in the U.

Mount Vernon to : by C. Cummings, Lieutenant U. Naval Reserve, Oct. Hull, Isaac, Santo R. Ferrara collection, Ferrara, Santo R. Jewish Armed Services Committee records, and undated. Forsman, Melford L. Oral history interview with Melford L. Forsman, July England, Leonora Scott, Scott-England collection, Farragut, David Glasgow, Autograph letter signed, Jan. Paymaster General.

Naval correspondence letterbook, Allen, William, Beran, Emil T. Oral history interview with Emil T. Beran, December 9. Gutekunst, Martin F. Oral history interview with Martin F. Gutekunst [sound recording], Bellew, Clifton O. Oral history interview with Clifton O. Bellew, February 4. Patton, James W. James W. Patton papers, , [manuscript]. Nestegard, Dorothy. Zulch, Frederick, Frederick Zulch letters, Floyd family. Floyd family papers, , bulk. Boulder Daily Camera. Armed forces : Navy and Navy Reserves, Boulder clippings [] Bennett, Leon, Oral history interview with Leon Bennett, April Burke, Yolanda Pinney, Papers.

United States Navy collection, Olson, Judith A. Oral history interview, Furer, Julius Augustus, Papers of Julius Augustus Furer, bulk Menzel, Donald H. Donald Howard , Autobiography, David S. Edwards papers, Bauman, Frank A. Frank Anthony , Frank A. Bauman papers, bulk Jonathan Edwards Pierce Collection, Mitchell, Dana Paul, Dewey family. George Dewey Family Papers, Admiral Farragut letter to Gideon Welles, August Tod, John Grant Papers ; ; ; Barron, Samuel, Malaney, Curtis L.

Papers of Curtis L. Malaney, Ekstrom, Clarence E. Clarence Eugene , Clarence E. Ekstrom papers, Descriptive lists of Massachusetts Volunteers in the U. Chastain, Bobby J. Oral history interview with Bobby J. Chastain, August 2. Decatur, Stephen, Papers, inclusive , , bulk. Dillingham, John L. Oral history interview with John L. Dillingham, December Richgels, James F. Davis, Skeeter, Skeeter Davis papers, ca. Antebellum images photograph collection.

Howe, Hamilton W. Hamilton W. Howe papers, [manuscript]. SC Submarine chaser. Engineer's log, [] Dec. Brooks, Harry W. Oral history interview with Harry W. Brooks, August Steel, William A. William Alexander , Letterbooks of William A. Steel, , Aug. Dutchess County Historical Society. Vertical file, Cairo Gunboat. Collection Office of the Secretary, Bear, Adelaide Estella. Augusta, Feb. Conrad, Daniel B.

Daniel Burr , Diaries of Daniel D. Conrad, Roller, Robert Jean. Johnson, Andrew, Commission appointing James F. Armstrong a captain in the Navy on the retired list : Washington, Mar Swings, P. Polydore , Curriculum vitae: Liste et analyse des publications, ca. Hutchinson, Calvin Gibbs, ca. Papers of Calvin Gibbs Hutchinson, , bulk Younger, J. Arthur Jesse Arthur , Arthur Younger papers, Box C Folder 8: [Folder labeled: Bank]; Proposal and notes concerning the idea Hurwitz submitted to Chase Manhattan Bank which would allow customers to make saving deposits at grocery stores.

Box C Folder [File pocket labeled: Port. Box C Folder 9: [Envelope labeled: Evaluation -- mail to be combed]; Cards, memos, invitations, and other personal correspondence, most addressed to Hurwitz at Kirkland College. Box C Folder [Envelope labeled: L. Also includes notes and contact information related to California, and an invitation to the Paul Strand memorial service, with a draft of Hurwitz's response to Hazel Strand. Box C Folder 1b: [Pd. Box C Folder 1e: L. Also includes personal correspondence received and unsent.

Box C Folder 17a: [Europe trip notebook, personal correspondence, general notes]; Personal correspondence; notebooks from Europe trip; and to-do lists. Also includes a letter from Hurwitz to Bertrand Russell regarding the formation of an international tribunal to try American war criminals. Also includes a doodle of Hurwitz and Robert L. Box C Folder Leo -- late health notes -- letter re: chemo; Letter regarding Hurwitz's cancer, dictated to Nelly Burlingham; notes on symptoms; and a letter to Dr. Taub regarding Hurwitz's chemotherapy and its effects.

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Includes children's doodles. Box C Folder [New York Foundation for the Arts information; personal correspondence]; Personal and professional correspondence, including memos from the New York Foundation for the Arts regarding funding and film festivals, and a screening invitation from the New York Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Hurwitz graduating degree from Harvard University ]; Hurwitz's college diploma. Box C Folder 2: [Envelope labeled: Harvard University prizes, program of graduation with Leo's name in it]; Materials related to Hurwitz's time at Harvard, including a greeting to new members of Phi Beta Kappa, scholarship awards, a copy of his diploma, grades, a graduation program, and letters to Hurwitz's father regarding his good performance.

Box C Folder 3: Leo -- personal; Includes a letter from National Educational Television to the Supreme Court of the County of New York requesting Hurwitz to be deferred from jury duty, and correspondence with Melvyn Douglas and his wife regarding their availability to do voice-overs for Essay on Death. Box C Folder 1: [Correspondence, notes, "John Brown" notes]; , Includes notes on the "John Brown" script; a letter from Michael Barret regarding a film about Marc Blitzstein; correspondence in Hebrew; an envelope containing scratch notes from Hurwitz's cutting room table; and a notebook with notes on distribution of Dialogue with a Woman Departed.

In English and Hebrew. Box C Folder [General notes, "In Search of John Brown" notes, list of films for Europe trips]; Includes general notes about the "John Brown" script; lists of films for Leningrad and a trip to Finland; and notes regarding an untitled project.

Also includes a general to-do list and notes on taxes. Box C Folder "Journal" approx. Box C Folder 1: [Box labeled: Misc. Leo Stuff]; , Materials include three black-and-white photographs of Hurwitz; a program for the Dutch series "The American Social Documentary Film: The Thirties"; correspondence from the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston requesting permission to reproduce Hurwitz and Paul Strand's "Tribute to President Roosevelt" mural; letter from Charles Pratt; membership cards and Hurwitz's driver's license; and a bank statement.

In English and Dutch. Also includes newspaper clippings related and unrelated to Hurwitz; bank statements; stock certificates; Directors Guild of America materials; the draft of talk Hurwitz gave about the Columbia protests; drawings; questions about Jane Dudley and dance; campaign flyer for Eleanor Burlingham; certificate for Rosetta Hurwitz's cremation; film revenue reports; and festival flyers.

Box C Folder Bills from July '84 prostate operation -- medical; Breakdown of Hurwitz's medical expenses, and related correspondence. Box C Folder [Personal and professional correspondence, clippings]; , , , Includes a draft of a letter written after Joris Ivens death; newspaper clippings about the death of Sam Brody and Wall Street; and proposed amendments to the Directors Guild of America constitution and bylaws; and a personal letter with a color photograph.

Box C Folder Doctor bills; Medical bills, cancelled checks, correspondence regarding results, and an explanation of benefits. Box C Folder [Homeowner's policy, empty stationery envelopes]; , undated Homeowner's policy and empty Leo Hurwitz and Charles Pratt envelopes. Box C Folder [Personal and professional correspondence]; , Includes lists of screening invitees; draft of a letter about the Columbia University protests; letter from the Internationale Leipziger Dokumentar in German ; fable about the Columbia protest by Gershon Freidlin; correspondence regarding prints of Native Land ; lecture requests; and questionnaires regarding Jews in film and dance in film.

Also includes Hurwitz's tax return and Hurwitz's data from a sleep disorders clinic. Leo papers; Includes correspondence from Switzerland regarding an unnamed film and "Leo Hurwitz Album -- Project"; Hurwitz's notes on the effects of his chemotherapy; Folkways royalties statements; notes on trips to Helsinki and Moscow; correspondence from the Paul Strand Archive regarding stills for a book; a copy of " Hurwitz vs.

Box C Folder Miners film project; ca. Also includes Hurwitz's European trip itinerary and doodles. Box C Folder Radio -- phonograph; Includes advertisements for radios; invoices; owner's manual; warranties' notes; and nuts and washers. Also includes a list of artworks in the Little Red School House exhibition of contemporary American paintings; endorsers of House Resolution regarding the Tunisian question; a letter regarding the McCarran-Wood bills; and a list of contributing artists on the Negro Institute of the Arts committee.

Box C Folder Passport application; , Correspondence and documents related Hurwitz's passport, including the rejection of his application on the grounds of Communist sympathies. Box C Folder Loans and borrowings; Correspondence from Charles Pratt confirming a loan to Hurwitz, and a letter from the American Theatre Wing thanking Hurwitz for his financial assistance.

Box C Folder 3a: [File pocket labeled: Letters 2 -- college and earlier -- group one]; Correspondence from friends and family, and Harvard University regarding scholarships, loans, and other administrative issues. Also includes notes and poems by Hurwitz. Box C Folder 3b: [File pocket labeled: Letters 2 -- college and earlier -- group two]; Correspondence from friends and family, and Harvard University regarding scholarships, loans, and other administrative issues.

Box C Folder 4a: [Folder labeled: Old miscellaneous ]; Includes theater and film programs; notes and correspondence on an animated feature film project; correspondence from Edwin Rolfe; poems by Hurwitz; invoices; an advertisement for Creative Art ; flyer for a performance by Sophia Delza; a letter applying for work in printing; book review; and Workers Film-Photo League prints. Lawson; , , , , , Letters to Peggy Lawson from her father-in-law John Howard "Jack" Lawson and his wife Susan "Mom" , most sent while they were visiting the U.

Also includes a Lionel Berman memorial booklet; a cover letter from the Leo Dratfield Endowment which originally accompanied Hurwitz's Leo Award certificate; a holiday card from J. Box C Folder 9: Braus -- Letters, etc. Includes a written response from Hurwitz to the editor. In English, Spanish, and Chinese. Moore, and letter from John Brown. Box C Folder Letters -- and a poem note re: father ; Personal correspondence, including letter from Woody Guthrie. Handwritten poem. Box C Folder 8: [Envelope Labeled: Period ]; Personal correspondence, including from Jane Dudley and Peter Hawley; doctor and legal bills for Leo and Tom Hurwitz; Columbia University bill for Tom Hurwitz; dentist bills; travel bills; phone bills and related correspondence; rent report.

Schneer, D. Box C Folder Francesca Piatti; , Photograph of a tree with note by Piatti on the back; blank postcards and membership form, brochure for the International Peace Camp, Hurwitz's membership receipt; sticker for the Ragnatela; note from Piatti to Nelly Burlingham; postcard with poem sent to Hurwitz by Piatti. Box C Folder [Correspondence, film festival applications]; Correspondence with invitation to the International Leipzig Documentary and Short Film Week; University of California, Berkeley letter thanking Hurwitz for permission to show Native Land , with articles and flyer they did for the program; application materials for the Festival dei Popoli, the International Program for Films on Leisure, the International Film Festival of Locarno, and the Festival International de Cinema Nyon; Directors Guild of America letter on supplemental materials; personal correspondence from Peter Werner.

In English and German. Box C Folder Correspondence -- mid to late ; , Personal and professional correspondence, including interview questions and instructions; inquiries into grant project funding; correspondence from the Sinking Creek Film Celebration; letter that originally accompanied a synopsis of "In Search of John Brown"; correspondence with the BBC regarding a film about the New Deal; inquiries regarding screenings and distribution of Dialogue with a Woman Departed ; a letter regarding the Abraham Lincoln Brigade; and a request to appear on a public access show about censorship.

Box C Folder General correspondence -- references, foundation, including researchers; , Personal and professional correspondence, including letters from family members; inquiries regarding prints of Hurwitz's films, retrospectives, and screenings of Dialogue with a Woman Departed ; professional references; and research on Paul Strand. Box C Folder 6f: [Envelope labeled: Correspondence -- carbons and copies of letters, personal biography, some budget stuff]; Personal and professional correspondence. Includes documents related to Here at the Waters' Edge , including budget, letters from Bob Barrows giving his impressions of the film, letters from Henry Cowell about writing music for the film.

Small spiral-bound notebook with notes about Moby Dick. Letter from Broderick about selling of comestible human organs. Letter from Marie Briehl about Hurwitz wanting to separate from Jane. Box C Folder Leo Hurwitz personal ; Includes correspondence related to Hurwitz's tenure at CBS letters to and from colleagues; correspondence regarding guests for CBS shows and viewer responses; memos regarding salary; and correspondence regarding Hurwitz's leaving the network.

Box C Folder Correspondence ; "In Search of John Brown" funding; film festivals; blacklisted individuals; Native Land stills; printing, distribution, and publicity materials for Dialogue with a Woman Departed. Box C Folder 7: Museum of Modern Art -- preparation of materials for printing; Notes and correspondence regarding film storage, prints, and procedures; terms and conditions from Cinema Services, Inc. Allen, Inc. Box C Folder Distribution of L. Box C Folder Distribution -- sample agreements; undated Blank motion picture distribution agreements from Document Associates, Inc.

Subjects include questions about Paul Strand from a doctoral student; Hurwitz's letter to Pravda; and a denied request to use Frontier Films footage in a film about the Depression. Also includes ideas for potential films, poems by authors other than Hurwitz, photographs, newspaper clippings, invitations, a newsletter, illustrations, and materials related to the Leningrad Film Festival. Materials are in English and Russian. Box C Folder 6: Applications to City of NY for filming or photographing in public places; Completed television permit applications and a blank application for still photography.

Box C Folder 9: [Envelopes labeled: "Lex school" and "To file"]; Materials related to Hurwitz's assistance in choosing a filmmaker to produce a film about the Lexington School for the deaf, including correspondence from Charles B. Blackburn; information about candidates; and notes. Heitler; and It Can't Happen Here film treatment. Box C Folder List of film descriptions; ca. Lewis Jacobs. Box C Folder 2: [Correspondence and publications]; , , undated Professional correspondence, including mailings from Harvard College and the New York Civil Liberties Union, and the University of Saskatchewan; and personal correspondence from friends.

Publications consists of a copy of Regis Debray's "Declaration at the Court Martial"; material about film schools and employment; science and dance brochures; an issue of King's Crown Essays; and syllabus for Manfred Kirchheimer at New York University. In English and French. Box C Folder 1b: [Correspondence, clippings, and receipts]; Correspondence, both professional and personal. Personal correspondence includes letters from Paul Strand.

Also includes customs reports, notes, lab invoices, newspaper clippings, and personal documents, such as insurance papers. In English, French, Polish, and Hebrew. Box C Folder 2: American Doc. Films; ca. Box C Folder 3: A. In French and English. Box C Folder 4: L. Box C Folder Ford Foundation application; Drafts and notes for Hurwitz's application for a Ford Foundation filmmakers' grant, with related correspondence and press releases from the Ford Foundation and Cinema 16 announcing the winners.

Box C Folder Portable tape transistor idea -- material; , undated Pamphlets, brochures, catalogs, circulars, and clippings regarding consumer tape recorders, tape players, transistor radios, turntables, and recordings. Also includes correspondence with Standard Oil Co. Material is in English and French. Box C Folder Film facilities -- also "general" -- misc. Einstein" by Lincoln Barnett. Box C Folder Duart -- credit app. Packing, b. Film inspection; Correspondence and notes regarding the shipment of 16mm and 35mm prints of Hurwitz's films to Leningrad; return film inspection record and list of "faults" in the return shipping; list of films to Photogard; list of 35mm prints to be sent to Bonded Storage.

Box C Folder Film rental; Contains correspondence, invoices, and receipts related to the rental, loan, and shipping of Strange Victory to the Cincinnati Film Society and the University of Southern California,. UPS receipt. Also includes a price list of services from Teknifilm, Inc. Box C Folder N. Klein; Signed two-year lease for office space at 32 Union Square, Box C Folder Accutreat: Film cleaning, etc. Condition of prints returned by Bergman; Invoices, pamphlets, and notes related to Accutreat and Photogard film cleaning, "rejuvenating," and protection services; list of "Films to be Sent to Bergmann " in Germany and condition reports of prints upon their return.

Documents include summary and brief outline of case; lists of relevant documents and items of correspondence; letters of reference. Box C Folder Stanley Faulkner; , Correspondence between Hurwitz and attorney Stanley Faulkner regarding screenings of Frontier Films material; number of "units" assigned to contributors to "Shoot Film Not People"; Hurwitz's claim against New York University; selling stock footage of Hurwitz's films and distribution of Frontier Films; screening of Native Land and the audience's negative reaction. Box C Folder 3b: Recent correspondence; Business correspondence, including a receiving notice from Bonded Storage regarding 35mm print of The Museum and the Fury ; breakdowns of Here at the Waters' Edge expenses film accounts ; draft of a letter to Film Frontiers, Inc.

Box C Folder 10a: Pen D. Clippings and summaries are included. Box C Folder 7: Godfrey R. MacDonald regarding radio-wave weapon systems. Box C Folder 2: Siemens projector Cinecraft ; Invoice for Siemens 16mm double-band projector, and cover-letter confirming a day warranty. Box C Folder 7: "Lonesome Train" prospectus; , undated Prospectus original and copies and notes for a minute telefilm adaptation of The Lonesome Train A Musical Legend to be directed by Hurwitz; prospectus for a television series based on Carter Dickson's Department of Queer Complaints stories; and list of potentially interested persons.

Box C Folder 8: "Lonesome Train" legal ; Attorney invoices and correspondence related to the incorporation of Lonesome Train Productions, notes, and a form letter acknowledging investment. Box C Folder Fund for the Republic; Correspondence between Hurwitz and the Fund for the Republic regarding suggestions for film projects; copy of the Fund's May 31, report. Box C Folder 1: "Freedom Road" -- early stuff; ca. Box C Folder 18o: Narration -- notes file -- hand notes; undated Drafts and notes regarding the voiceover narration for The Museum and the Fury. In German and English.

Contains note "Letters extracted to take to Berlin. Box C Folder Jewish Museum -- original; Correction from the Jewish Museum regarding the omission of Hurwitz's name from Eichmann trial exhibition publications. Box C Folder 4: Photogard; Invoices, packing lists, and other forms related to the 3M Photogard film coating process. Also includes Photogard brochures; approximately 2 feet of 16mm color film; notes about dirt, scratches, and soundtrack noise; a letter from 3M returning Hurwitz's check and asking for a sample of the affected film; and a brochure from Quik Splice.

Also includes the transcript of Pomer's interview with Hurwitz. Box C Folder 6: Prices, rental L. Includes check stub from Cornell University for the rental of Strange Victory. Box C Folder Gene Searchinger -- Film on Film; Notes, memos, and correspondence related to filmmaker Gene Searchinger proposed series Ways of Knowing , which would include a segment on perception and film featuring Hurwitz.

Box C Folder Studio -- lease for W. Bergmann: Distribution -- Germany, Switz, Austria; Notes and correspondence between Hurwitz and Wolfgang Bergmann, manager of Munich-based film distributor Verleih Genossenschaft der Filmemacher regarding overseas distribution of Dialogue with a Woman Departed ; revenue and payment; and damage and repairs to prints of Dialogue , as well as Native Land , Strange Victory, The Sun and Richard Lippold , and other Hurwitz films lent for a retrospective. Also contains a signed copy of the contract and related "work materials" granting Verleigh the rights to distribute Dialogue in West Germany, Switzerland, and Austria; and a issue of Verlieh's publication Filmkatalog with information about the film.

Box C Folder Names of good people -- lists; , undated Pamphlets, flyers, and brochures from the U. Box C Folder 39a: [Envelope labeled: Names and addresses -- miscellaneous]; , undated Contact information, including lists of students New York University's Institute of Film and Television, and Spanish names and addresses; business cards; postcards messages; and notes. Also includes an undated clipping about the Carabanchel Ten and doodle. Box C Folder 9a: L.

Box C Folder 9d: [Proposal for the use of film in dance curriculum]; Proposal for the development of multi-media materials for the use in dance curriculum. Box C Folder 3: [ Strange Victory film materials, condition reports]; , Condition reports and related notes regarding prints of Strange Victory and The Museum and the Fury after Holland and Switzerland retrospectives. Box C Folder 2: [Correspondence]; Correspondence and notes, mostly related to employment and proposed projects. Also includes sample of entries from Masterplots and a fundraising prospectus for a film adaptation of the play The Hostage.

Includes Hitchens' letter to Harvey V. Materials include signed letter of agreement and contract; a Training Program outline, curricula, and course descriptions; faculty newsletter; meeting minutes; and a letter from actress Marian Carr. Also includes a Brandon Films invoice; a letter from Mediagraphics regarding Hurwitz's possible employment; a copy of a U. Hurwitz is mentioned as returning from a leave-of-absence. Leon Levy of the Army Service Forces regarding "Colonel [Frank] Capra"'s request to use Native Land footage; letter from Hurwitz to Paul Robeson critiquing Robeson's new album of songs; letter to apartment-house tenants regarding air warden service; and a letter from literary editor Edwin Seaver regarding an unspecified shooting script.

Box C Folder Contracts old, also other docs ; , Contracts and related correspondence, including Hurwitz's contract with the William Morris Agency, and agreements and letters regarding the film projects Voici la France ; "The Fifth Freedom" tentative title? Box C Folder Films -- production forms, budget forms; , , Budget notes and correspondence for film projects including "The Key"; "Ballet Ballads"; a film about rug cleaning for the Lincoln Rug Co. Also includes blank production and requisition forms from Paramount Pictures and International Pictures; shooting schedule, production breakdown, and call sheets for Heaven Only Knows ; and shooting schedules and call sheets for several Columbia Pictures productions.

Box C Folder Ideas for films: Chaplin; Drafts of a letter from Hurwitz to Charles Chaplin in which Hurwitz explains the 16mm film and sound recording apparatus developed by Fons Iannelli, and proposes using it to shoot a feature titled "Chaplin at Work. Box C Folder 4: Re: London contacts; ca. Box C Folder Lab costs: interneg, master; undated Notes on the lab costs of printing an interneg and a master for the projects Landscape and Painting.

Box C Folder Correspondence some older ; Personal and professional correspondence, invoices, and notes. Also includes a draft of Hurwitz's last will and testament; film lab invoices for a Strange Victory print ; passport application; a program for Thomas Brandon memorial at the Museum of Modern Art; and a typewritten letter to Hurwitz from an unnamed admirer whom Nelly Burlingham provisionally identifies as Roberta Cantow, Hurwitz's student at New York University.

Box C Folder Current D. Box C Folder [Political mailings, professional correspondence]; Correspondence includes political-themed mailings; a distribution report for Strange Victory ; insurance mailing; and a festival mailing for the FICN Box C Folder 18a: "Scarlet Letter"; Correspondence regarding "The Scarlet Letter" script, including a letter from Joanna Dunham; draft of replies and notes; casting ideas; a clipping; list of persons to see in London; and promotional shots of Dunham.

Box C Folder 18d: List: my invites -- Hollywood screening of Here at the Waters' Edge ; Materials related to the screening of Here at the Waters' Edge at the Lytton Center for the Visual Arts, Los Angeles, including correspondence, a list of invitees, Hurwitz's screening introduction, and a facility brochure. Originally housed in a manila envelope. Box C Folder 4b: [Envelope labeled: receipts]; Invoices, bills, and receipts from copy centers, photographic equipment sellers and service providers, and US Post Office cash receipts. Also includes note cards itemizing Hurwitz's expenses.

Box C Folder Artist in residence material also for seminars ; Correspondence related to artist-in-residence programs, including Hurwitz's residency at the University of Iowa. Also includes correspondence with William Alexander regarding seminars, and notes on Dialogue with a Woman Departed. Box C Folder Guggenheim application and supplementary papers -- plus extras; Correspondence regarding Hurwitz's application for funding from the Guggenheim Foundation. Also includes a to-do list for the coming year and contact information, including that of Roberto Rossellini. In Russian, with some English translations.

Box C Folder 3b: Toward retrospective and work papers; Correspondence and notes regarding the delay in returning films from the Soviet Union, and their poor condition upon return. Also includes the calendar for the National Film Theatre in London retrospective, schedules for the Leningrad Festival, and related notes. Box C Folder 2d: Tricontinental Films: letters, etc; Correspondence and signed letter of agreement with Tricontinental Film Center regarding licensing and representation of Hurwitz's films for the Italian market.

Also includes notes about to whom complimentary copies of Harbor Anthology should be sent, and flyers about New York University's summer motion picture workshop. Box C Folder Hollywood towards job; Correspondence regarding Hurwitz's efforts to find work in Hollywood. Includes an unsigned letter from Guthrie. Box C Folder [Unsigned correspondence, notes]; undated Undated and unsigned letter to Bill [no last name given] regarding "our present peril through the subject of the film" with a note at the top that states "more or less exact copy for Leo.

James Press Film Book Series. Also includes notes for Hurwitz's curriculum vitae. Box C Folder 9: Trudy's notes for lay-in of voice and music tracks for mix; Music and voice tracks logs for Dialogue with a Woman Departed , with an alternative selected readings list. Also includes a notebook labeled "Important Things for the Future D. Includes German and English language copies of the contracts. Box C Folder "S. Box C Folder Memoranda; Includes a budget and shooting schedule for an unnamed project possibly "Escudero" ; notes on U. Contains the estimated production budget and addendum for "The Scarlet Letter," with related notes; drafts of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant proposal; curricula vitae for Hurwitz and Jules Victor Schwerin.

Also includes a timeline documenting harassing phone calls made by Mr. Mende and deliveries made to Hurwitz. Box C Folder Personal file from Grad. Also includes correspondence related to prints of Hurwitz's films, This Island , and a fire at Hurwitz's "cutting room" building. Box C Folder Personal file Grad. Folder also includes a clipping of Hurwitz's essay "Student Films Where Are You Going? Box C Folder [National Geographic Society correspondence; Request from the National Geographic Society to use footage from People of the Cumberland for an educational film about the Depression, with a copy of the cutting script and Hurwitz's response.

Box C Folder 6: A-Z -- Regular films; , , undated List of films proposed by the American Film Institute for a core study collection, with correspondence regarding Hurwitz's appraisal. Also includes photocopies of film-related newspaper and magazine clippings, and a copy of the Fall issue of Reel 4, the official publication of the Screen Actors Guild, New York Branch.

Includes notes, outline, and script revisions. Box C Folder List of work ideas from mids; ca. Box C Folder 3: London opening and other correspondence; Correspondence about retrospective at the National Film Theatre in London, including shipment and return of prints and stills; correspondence with Charles Rubinstein about distributing some of Hurwitz's films, including Native Land , Strange Victory , Essay on Death , and Dialogue with a Woman Departed. Includes copy of script for the film. Box C Folder 7: Eichmann -- Jewish Musuem; Correspondence with the Jewish Museum about their omission of Hurwitz's credit from their film about the Eichmann trial, including apology, newsletter with the correction, handling of press inquiries about the situation, Hurwitz's waiver in regards to the videotaped interview; Hurwitz's notes; promotional mailer, press release, announcement, and clippings for the Eichmann exhibit.

Box C Folder Cinemateca Portuguesa; Correspondence about a retrospective of Hurwitz's films at the Cinemateca Portuguesa in Portugal and related film inspection notes. Box C Folder [Envelope labeled: Used Buffalo to NY airplane tickets plus expense lists ]; Envelopes for airline tickets with many notations , receipts, expense list. Box C Folder Memoranda -- Film -- ; Internal CBS memos and other documents about the use of film, including International Film Foundation press releases and brochure about production and distribution of documentary films; article "Advantages of Film Programs"; letter from Hurwitz to Gregory Irrsky about Soviet film for US audiences; proposal for a film about television.

Box OS-6 Folder 3d: [Television equipment brochure; pages of Life magazine]; , undated Promotional brochures for television production equipment; pages from Life magazine with tissue paper and tracing; and the script for "The Moon is Down. Series consists of materials related to Hurwitz's produced and unproduced films and television projects, including correspondence, project proposals, outlines, synopses, screenplays, script treatments, drafts, contracts, bills and invoices, expense reports, clippings, promotional materials, notes, and funding materials.

The series is divided into 51 subseries according to film title or project. Titles of unproduced projects appear in quotation marks. Note on arrangement of the materials: A prior processing effort resulted in the bulk of materials related to Strange Victory being moved and these materials are now stored together. Includes a response to Discovery in a Landscape that was handed to Hurwitz during the screenings. Also includes an airline ticket to Buffalo and a note on the school curriculum.

Box C Folder AFA correspondence; Correspondence with the American Federation of Arts regarding the four Art of Seeing film, with significant correspondence related to the debate over the length of the last two films. Includes correspondence with Rudolf Arnheim. Includes Rudolf Arnheim's reaction and notes. Giuffre regarding the score for the film "Color 2" later Discovery in a Landscape. Box C Folder Leo H. Productions, Inc. Box C Folder Detroit -- research material for script; Materials related to the Detroit Institute of Arts, including a museum bulletin, brochure, and gallery guide; outreach newsletter; notes taken during a visit; and a trip schedule.

Box C Folder Conversation and notes correspondence? Also includes a letter for Hilary Harris for the film Vision of a City. Box C Folder Series of short films possible from footage of "Color 1"; Notes on possible short films, with references to "Country" and "City. Box C Folder 2: [Envelope labeled: Logs -- workprint and neg. Box C Folder 3b: Neg logs, shot lists: Painting 4 short version and long version ; Shot lists. Box C Folder 3c: Journey into a Painting narration drafts: "Color 4," short version ; Narration and outline; correspondence from Rudolf Arnheim.

Box C Folder 3d: Journey into a Painting -- final narration, mix log, title texts ; ca. Box C Folder 3j: [File Pocket containing film strips and slides]; ca. Box C Folder 5a: "Color 2" -- music and sound, outline of structure: notes; , Notes and correspondence regarding the music, and shot list. Box C Folder 5c: "Color 2" -- cutting notes and script ideas; Outline of the material with notes on the assembly of sections and overall thematic elements.

Box C Folder 5e: Music notes for recording; ca. Box C Folder 5f: Organization of material -- "Color 2"; ca. H; , "Autumn is a Painter" by Anthony J. Stanley; draft of the narration. Box C Folder 5i: Mix: log-loops, title, narration, shot list; Mix log; shot list; narration; and titles.

Box C Folder 5k: [Envelopes labeled: "Color 2" or " 4" film clips]; ca. Reel numbers listed. Box C Folder 9c: [Authorization form; introductory letter]; Form authorizing children to appear in the film on color, with a letter stating that Hurwitz is working on behalf of the American Federation of Arts AFA.

Box C Folder 9f: AFA -- "Color" and other -- Script in outline beyond "notes" stage; Treatment script for "the first of two films on color" and outline. Also includes a copy of the agreement between Hurwitz and Vanguard and related notes. Log, 1, 2, 4; Cutting notes. Box C Folder 1c: Address, etc. Box C Folder 1f: ["Color Film 1" arrangement of sequence material]; "Color 1" arrangement of material into categories; notes from original log and screening order.

Box C Folder 3b. Box C Folder 3f: [Light and the City -- remix log]; ca. Box C Folder 3h: Editing notes -- AFA film 1A -- city, morn to night; Notes from cutting room table during cutting of Light and the City and Light and the Country ; notes about organization of film material; editing notes; notes after showing of sample material and correspondence from Rudolf Arnheim with suggestions. Box C Folder 4c: Native Land -- misc. Box C Folder 1: Current correspondence -- answer!

Box C Folder Dialogue W. Prints -- Made at Filmtronics Lab; , , undated Notes and correspondence with Filmtronics regarding print material of Dialogue with a Woman Departed. Eastman Kodak -- re: soundtrack faults in early prints; Receipt, notes, and correspondence with Eastman Kodak regarding prints of Dialogue with a Woman Departed.

Box C Folder Distribution -- D. Box C Folder Interested inquires -- D. Box C Folder Funding: D. Box C Folder D. New distribution thoughts; Undated prints-outs of notes and ideas regarding Dialogue with a Woman Departed , and the Spring-Summer issue of Monthly Review Press. Box C Folder Distribution of D. Also includes a Bauer Films catalog. Includes contract, correspondence, account statements, notes, contact information, promotional postcards, and a copy of an agreement between FilmCentrum and the Arts Council of Great Britain for the film Dread, Beat an' Blood.

Box C Folder 1: Press material -- copies to be distributed in these files; , , Includes reviews and background material for Dialogue with a Woman Departed. Box C Folder 2: Misc.


Box C Folder 3: [ Dialogue with a Woman Departed press book]; Materials related to Dialogue with a Woman Departed , including reviews, flyers, production information, note on the presentation, and biographical information. Also includes a synopsis for Hurwitz's proposed John Brown film. Materials include review, programing announcement from WBAI-FM, flyers, schedule, press release, a recollection of Peggy Lawson, and a response to Discovery in a Landscape that was handed to Hurwitz during the screenings.

Box C Folder 7: Materials for layout samples for D. Box C Folder 9: Layout samples -- D. Box C Folder Original press kit layouts -- color -- D. Box C Folder 11a: Work material: "responses" and notes on presentation; Responses to Dialogue with a Woman Departed from critics and others, and a draft of the presentation of the film for distributors and exhibitors.

Box C Folder 11c: Letters, etc. Box C Folder 11d: Portuguese -- reviews -- responses -- letters -- photos -- Sept. Also includes a photograph of Hurwitz, and correspondence with "Connie," with an English translation. In Dutch, with no translation. Box C Folder 12c: Responses to D. Materials are in English, Dutch, German, and Finnish. Also includes an issue of Andere Sinema [in Dutch with some English translations]. Materials are in English, Swedish, and French.

Box C Folder 3: Transcripts from tapes by C. Box C Folder 11c: N. Box C Folder 16e: Note re: presentation; ca. Box C Folder Sweden reviews -- copies; Photocopies of clippings from Swedish newspaper articles regarding Dialogue with a Woman Departed , with English translations of full reviews. Box C Folder Recollection of Peggy; ca. Box C Folder Credits: D. Box C Folder 1: [Envelope labeled: Sweden: Folkets Bio -- skimpy press material and Film Institute programs]; Correspondence and press materials regarding Dialogue with a Woman Departed and programs for the showing of Hurwitz films in Sweden.

In German. Box C Folder 4: [ Dialogue with a Woman Departed -- distribution material]; Correspondence, distribution agreements, receipts, expense reports, and other distribution materials for Dialogue with a Woman Departed. Box C Folder 5: [ Dialogue with a Woman Departed -- promotional material layouts]; Pull-quotes and excerpts from reviews of Dialogue with a Woman Departed , cut and pasted into layouts for promotional materials. Box C Folder 2: [ Dialogue with a Woman Departed production publication and correspondence]; , undated Dialogue with a Woman Departed investment prospectus, with biographical notes, investment terms, and a proposed budget.

Correspondence lists possible distributors. Includes copies of cover letters that accompanied promotional material, notes, and contact list. Box C Folder Copies for sending L. Includes edits. Box C Folder Plus corrected older versions; ca. All copies, no originals. Native Land is occasionally mentioned in the context of retrospective screenings. D ]; ca. Box C Folder [ Dialogue with a Woman Departed articles, screening promotional material]; , Newspaper articles about Dialogue with a Woman Departed with flyers for screenings of that film and Hurwitz retrospectives.

Box C Folder 1b: Summarized schedule etc. Includes schedule, correspondence, and customs information. Possible screenings in Helsinki, Italy, and Brussels are mentioned. Also includes inventories for the European trip; customs letter; screening schedules and programs; and bills accrued during the trip. In German, with some English translations. Box C Folder 9a: Verleih Genossenschaft promotional material; Promotional materials for Dialogue with a Woman Departed created by Verleih Genossenschaft, including a folded poster for the film.

Box C Folder 9b: Openings: German cities -- promotional material; German promotional material for screenings of Dialogue with a Woman Departed and Hurwitz retrospectives. In German and French. Box C Folder 9e: [German clipping, screening flyer -- Dialogue with a Woman Departed and retrospective]; Clippings from the German magazine Zitty regarding Dialogue with a Woman Departed and including a brief interview with Hurwitz.

Flyer is for screening of the film and a Hurwitz retrospective. Box C Folder 9f: Film Verleih Genossenschaft: Swiss showings press material; Promotional material for the Swiss screening of Dialogue with a Woman Departed , including materials produced by the film club Le Bon Film and newspaper clippings. Verleih Genossenschaft is a German company who distributed the film. Also includes promotional materials, correspondence, and French subtitles for Le Masson's film Regarde elle a les yeux grand ouverts, and correspondence regarding French exhibition of Dialogue with a Woman Departed.

Also includes a festival schedule and copies of a brochure about Hurwitz, with filmography. In Dutch.

U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205) U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205)
U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205) U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205)
U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205) U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205)
U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205) U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205)
U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205) U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205)
U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205) U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205)
U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205) U.S. Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 205)

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