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Bartholomew a choice: he can remain dead or return to life and fulfill a special mission.

Always ready to do anything for his Lord, Fr. Bartholomew chooses to return to life and await his assignment. For three blissful years things go well, and then his peaceful tranquility is shattered when, during Mass one day, he begins to exhibit the stigmata, physical manifestations of the wounds Christ suffered on the cross.

Immediately the Vatican's curiosity is aroused. The Pope wants to avoid any sort of scandal, so he assigns his psychiatrist friend Dr.

"The Shroud Codex" by Jerome R. Corsi

Richard Castle to examine Fr. Bartholomew's case and determine whether or not he is psychologically disturbed. Castle teams with Professor Marco Gabrielli, a scientist who has made a handsome living debunking supernatural phenomena, for help in examining the Shroud of Turin. They believe the Shroud is responsible for Fr. Bartholomew's condition, for not only are the priest's wounds identical in every way to the ones on the Shroud, but his entire body has changed.

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This transformation has left Fr. Bartholomew bearing a strong resemblance to the Man on the Shroud. As Dr.

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After a New Jersey priest has a near-death experience he begins to resemble the image depicted on the Shroud of Turin, prompting a skeptical Vatican representative to investigate the claim and subsequently question the assumptions he has held for so long. Then, as he celebrates Mass, blood starts running down his arms.

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The horrified congregation watches him collapse, his vestments soaked in the blood pouring from wounds on his wrists. Mysteriously, he now resembles in almost every physical aspect the Christ-like figure represented on the Shroud of Turin. Stephen Castle, an American psychiatrist, is renowned for his book arguing that religion is a figment of human imagination. Professor Marco Gabrielli, an Italian religious researcher and chemist, has made a career of debunking supposed miracles, of explaining the unexplainable.

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Jerome Corsi received a Ph. He is a regular contributor to WorldNetDaily.

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The Shroud Codex The Shroud Codex
The Shroud Codex The Shroud Codex
The Shroud Codex The Shroud Codex
The Shroud Codex The Shroud Codex
The Shroud Codex The Shroud Codex

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