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The M9 was updated to the M9A1 in The M9A1 has more aggressive front and backstrap checkering and a beveled magazine well for easier reloading of the weapon.

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M9A1 pistols are sold with physical vapor deposition PVD coated magazines developed to better withstand the conditions in the sandy environments in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The main updates to M9A3 were: [9] [10]. New production materials also make M9A3 production more cost efficient. The M9 22LR is a variant of the M9 in. The M9 22 is available with 10 and 15 round magazines, removable sights, and interchangeable grip panels which fit the Beretta M9.

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Prior to its widespread adoption by the U. These failures included both military and civilian Beretta models with very high round counts, and after investigation they were deemed the result of ammunition supplied by the U. Army which exceeded the recommended pressures specified by NATO but nonetheless provoked a modification in the M9 design to prevent slide failure from causing injuries to the user. The CNA conducted surveys on 2, troops returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 12 months. Only troops who fired their weapons at enemy targets were allowed to participate.

M9 users had the lowest levels of satisfaction with weapon performance, including 76 percent troops with accuracy, 66 percent troops with range, and 88 percent troops with rate of fire. Only 45 percent of M9 users 72 troops reported their weapon's magazine did not fail to feed completely. The M9 had the lowest levels of soldier confidence in reliability and durability.

Other recommendations were for more durable magazines and better grips. In , soldiers in the field had many of concerns with the M9, notably a lack of confidence in its stopping power [17] resulting from the use of the 9mm ball round, a significant factor in military evaluations because the Hague Conventions and prohibit use of expanding bullets in warfare between contracting parties. The United States is not a signatory but generally observes the agreement. The military awarded a contract to Airtronic USA because the previous manufacturer, Check-Mate Industries, was charging too much per magazine, [18] though Check-Mate magazines are still sometimes issued.

Prior to Check-Mate magazines being purchased, the military purchased magazines from the Italian firm Mec-Gar. There were reported failures with the government-contracted 9mm magazines. After extensive testing and actual testimony given by the troops it was concluded that the failures were caused by the heavy phosphate finish called for in the government contract, combined with the unique environmental conditions in Iraq.

After corrections to the government required specifications for the magazine finish, almost two million new magazines have been distributed without any further malfunctions. In the competition to find a new vendor, three finalists were chosen. These three were: Airtronic Services, Inc. Airtronic Services delivered the first , magazines with zero failures while costing less than the previous supplier Check-Mate Industries. It is identical to the standard M9 sidearm, with standard Bruniton-polymer finish and black composite grips, except it has a "GO"-prefix to its serial number range, starting with GO It comes with a metal belt buckle that comes in gold metal for Army generals and silver metal for Air Force generals.

The M9 is issued to crewmembers on Military Sealift Command vessels. Army had bought , M9 pistols and that the M9 "would remain their sidearm for the next five years. Program officials say buying a new pistol is the better option due to advances in handgun designs, the difficulty in addressing all of the M9's issues, other pistols being less expensive to produce and maintain, and the low confidence soldiers have in the M9.

A three-year engineering, manufacturing, and development EMD phase is to begin in early Commercial off-the-shelf pistols will be tested for capabilities such as accuracy, dispersion, compatibility, and corrosion resistance under extreme weather and extreme combat conditions. The pistol's service life is expected at 25, rounds.

The M9 is required to fire 5, rounds, while data from Beretta shows the average reliability of the M9 pistol to be 17, rounds without a stoppage. The company presented the upgrade to improve the M9's performance as a more cost-effective solution without needing to buy a different handgun.

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Improvements include a thin grip with a removable, modular wrap-around grip, MIL-STD accessory rail, removable front and rear tritium sights , extended and threaded barrel for suppressor use, round sand resistant magazine, and other small features, all in an earth tone finish. Beretta claims M9A3 upgrade features fix most of the complaints and could be sold for less than the cost of previous M9 versions. The full-sized model will be known as the M17 and the carry-sized model will be known as the M From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Archived PDF from the original on Retrieved Archived from the original on 16 November Retrieved 25 December John Bianchi, an American Legend. Gun Digest Book of Beretta Pistols. Gun Digest. Military Sidearm". Popular Mechanics. Hearst Magazines.

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Archived from the original on January 6, Archived from the original on The Firearm Blog. Gun Nuts Media. Archived from the original on 5 April Retrieved 27 March It also includes the Langdon Tactical Trigger Job.

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I'll admit I was first interested in the 92 Elite because it just plain looks cool. I'm glad it caught my attention because this pistol is better than I could have imagine.

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It really makes me a better shooter with its accuracy and soft recoil. I'm still working on my double action skills as to which I haven't had much time with. I feel very lucky to have this pistol in my collection. The changes made by Beretta at the direction of Ernest Langdon have revolutionized the model 92 and in my opinion have made the firearm relevant again.

I have handled and fired the offerings from Wilson Combat, but was never impressed enough with either firearm to invest the asking price.

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LTT has not only matched, and in many ways exceeded the quality of the Wilson Combat line, they have done so at a more competitive price point. My long wait for the perfect Beretta 92 has finally come to an end. One more thing This review is for all the people that have come to the review section to figure out whether they should spend the extra to get the NP3. In my opinion after having it for a few weeks and rounds later, the answer is yes.

Get it, its worth the wait and the extra cheese. In my opinion if you want to get something that's not quite everyone else is going to have, its totally worth it. As a matter of fact this gun in total is worth the wait. Also, Ernest is right about the double action improving accuracy because of the feedback that he talks about. Lastly, I know that this gun is a service pistol and not supposed to be a ultra accurate but I have found it to be extremely accurate.

Sights are dead nuts. Thanks LTT.

Beretta 92

I am very satisfied with my purchase and on time delivery. I ordered the pistol with the trigger job, night sights and NP3 internals. The M9A1 frame and Vertec slide are a match made in heaven. This pistol is extremely easy to shoot well.

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I just received and have shot my new 92 Elite LTT. The change has been exceptional. The LTT is so much more accurate and easier to shoot then the 96D. I am a retired police officer grown up in the revolver DAO era. This is an impressive handgun. Also my aging eyes can see this front sight so much better. Great handgun!

Off the charts!!

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