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Maintainer: johans FreeBSD. It works nicely with the Emacs editor, offers some nice features such as input completion and history and a powerful locals facility, and it even has a manual. Gforth employs traditional implementation techniques: its inner innerpreter is indirect or direct threaded.

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Optional dependencies are not covered. PR: Now texinfo is not in base on any of the supported version of FreeBSD it is possible to proceed to this move and it is easier to do than the manpage change. Mark as broken on powerpc Approved by: portmgr tier-2 blanket. With hat: portmgr Sponsored by: Absolight. Given the version current:revision:age a library will be given the extension. Before libtool would use.

Forth Code Development / Over The Air Programming

There are only 60 such ports so there doesn't need to be a separate keyword or USES for this. Approved by: portmgr bapt. Allow to build with texinfo from ports With hat: portmgr. Our automatic dependency tracking is too intelligent, but should have all bases covered now. Avoid creating a history file in the user's root homedir during build Reported by: jenkins via swills.

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Remove checks from build that fail on Pointyhat but work elsewhere. This doesn't change the resulting package. Change build target to avoid its 'make check' part, because it fails in some environments, even though the application works fine. Remove references to unsupported FreeBSD versions. Mostly of the form:.

I was unable to make any fixes to my ports in the past 3 weeks while ports were broken on any So let people know that there's no available support for them until things are back to normal which also means that anyone with spare time will be able to fix them without getting approval. Posted: Mon Jul 25, am. Posted: Tue Jul 26, am.

Posted: Sun Jul 31, am. Anybody know what it might be? Posted: Mon Aug 01, am. It is kind of ironic that GNU complains about things like the Word file format not being openly documented, and then their own file formats and other internals elisp byte code comes to mind are rather lightly documented. Anyway, if you have a utility that can deal with raw data files the DOS utility DEBUG will do , you can look for the start of the object code that prim. I'm not sure how it handles relocating absolute addresses, but I would guess that zero page addresses are probably not relocated.

Or you could look for a sequence that doesn't depend on absolute or zero page addressing like E8 E8 E8 E8 C! Then you can look at a couple of short colon definitions that were cross-compiled to see what those addresses look like. I realize this is quite a bit of detective work, so good luck. Posted: Mon Aug 01, pm.

Index of /gnu/gforth

The idea is that constants will be the same in both images, but absolute addresses in each will differ. So by stepping through the image and comparing every byte, you can find offsets to relocate. I am pretty confident that this only works well if you have a constant-sized offset field to relocate, and with both zero-page and absolute addresses needing relocation, I'm not sure how valid this technique would be.

Posted: Wed Aug 03, am. It actually relocates zero page references? Based on a quick look at prim. It doesn't seem unreasonable to have to make a new image if the zero page usage is changed. Okay, so it's not quite the same thing, but I would say it is somewhat analogous to processor register usage in that it's not necessarily something that a relocator would be expected to handle.

Posted: Thu Aug 04, am. Posted: Fri Aug 05, pm. It seems that you don't need to patch Gforth to get rid of the "forward reference" errors, you need to define the Constant "NIL" in mach. Here is the mach. • Электронная библиотека технической литературы - список книг

The kernel looks good in disassembly, it's 27 KB in size and is currently loading in my Replica 1 board so I can tell in a few hours if it is working. If you want to set the startaddress and endaddress of the Kernel, put this inside "prim. Page 1 of 2. Previous topic Next topic. Post subject: Gforth on Posted: Thu Jul 21, pm. And it actually FIT? I'm impressed. I suspect it would be a matter of just loading it into memory, taking care of whatever relocations it provides, and then proceeding to execute it.

Gforth 0.6.2 Gforth 0.6.2
Gforth 0.6.2 Gforth 0.6.2
Gforth 0.6.2 Gforth 0.6.2
Gforth 0.6.2 Gforth 0.6.2
Gforth 0.6.2 Gforth 0.6.2
Gforth 0.6.2 Gforth 0.6.2

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